Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog Tour Day 6.5- Mabel's House

Once upon a time, back when I was a dewy eyed, fresh new blogger, someone said to me "Oh, you have a blog? Do you know Liz of Mabel's House? She lives in North Little Rock too!" 
And so I found Liz. But only online at first, and she was way cool. And popular.  So I just lurked around a bit. Then slowly, I made contact. And then she started coming around my blog too, and I would see things, now and then, things that I made and sold at a local shop, I would see those things show up in her home, and on her blog, which was very cool.  And then eventually, a few years down the road, I got brave. And I suggested that we meet. In person.

And we did. And it was lovely. Nowadays, despite her move across the river (which I have only sorda forgiven her for,) we continue to meet up now and again (that is lovely Liz in the polka-dots)  to talk books and blogs and babies and thrifting.

Liz is the wife of Matt and the mother of Jane and her blog is named for her pup Mabel, who likes to think that she runs the house. They are a pretty darn cute family unit, and watching Jane embody parts of Liz's, and Matt's, personalities is enough entertainment for a lifetime.

Liz is also a book author of a charming memoir about faith and friendship called My (not so) Storybook Life. If you haven't read it, please do so. And buy a copy for your best friend for Mother's Day while you are at it!

Today Liz is making me a little misty eyed with her sweet post about A Homemade Year.  It is always a little nerve wracking to have people I love and admire read my work. It is doubly so if I know I will have to see them face-to-face afterwards. I am overwhelmed by each person who takes away from the book exactly what I prayed they would - oodles and oodles of grace and freedom, permission to enjoy, to choose, to be.

If you have yet to meet Liz, Jane, Matt and Mabel, then please take a quick minute and skip on over to Mabel's House. I think you will love it there as much as I do!


  1. How come all your guest bloggers are my favorite bloggers too? Absolutely love Shannan, Liz and Jen. You all are my kinda girls. I preordered your book and am anticipating April 1 with plans to sit on the porch and read it cover to cover. Of course, that is if the snow is gone by then! Have a Blessed week. Hedy

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