Friday, March 22, 2013

blog tour day 4- Whatever Flower Patch Farmgirl

So sometimes there are things in life that are straight up kismet. Things that happen despite your best laid plans. Things that are so much BETTER than your plans.

Like discovering that these two ladies blogging about A Homemade Year at the same time.

How much happier can it get than Meg and Shannan together? (Kinda makes me want to sing that song from Grease.. together forever, like....)

These ladies (well, let's be honest, all the ladies on the blog tour) are part of my cyber-crew.  Ladies I go to for inspiration, encouragement, laughter, reflection, hope, and community.  Their raw truth is bea-u-ti-ful and I cannot get anough.

Today, Meg's shop is opening back up at Noon. I cannot wait to get one of her pieces. She is the color queen! And everything she does is just so cheerful- which is encouraging because she has 5 kids- 3 of whom are teenagers and she does not glamorize the whole big family thing at all. She shows the pretty and the messy- and you know I love that. 
Amazing. Also, I dream of making it to one of her Craft Weekends someday. Someday...

If you have not seen Shannan's kitchen in her new casa, you must. Love it so very, very much. Further proof that you don't have to "go big" in order to have great style.
And then of course, Shannan's journey from farm girl to other-side-of-the-tracks by choice city girl is one worth reading, as is every morsal of her life with her three bebe's- all adopted - and her ever revovling door of her "big kids." And don't even get me started on the whole "living with less" bit.    She is on my list of "why don't I live next door to you?" people. 

So, if you have the chance, pop on over to Meg's place to check out A Homemade Year AND her new shop opening and then, take a hop over to Shannan's to hear a bit about the intersection of her story and mine (can we say hankie wavin when the spirit moves?) and enter to win a copy of the book for yourself. 

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  1. How awesome is this! :)
    I love Meg's blog. I have been reading it for a while. And oh my goodness, I also dream of attending a craft weekend some day!
    I don't know Shannan but I can't wait to go check out her blog now.


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