Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Party Pause..and a winner

 I thought we would press pause, briefly, on the blog tour for one momento, so we could just hang out together. Parties are tons of fun, but sometimes a girl just needs a moment to sit on the sofa and chat one-to-one, don't you agree? 
So here is a little bit about what has been going on around our casa lately...

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, and the weather was unseasonably cold.  Our entire church congregation gathered in the parish hall,  clutching our palm leaves between icy fingers, breathing in the heavy incense, not meant for such a tight space, preparing to make our jubilant procession into the sanctuary, all together.  There were ladies in fancy hats, and friends in puffy vest, and children waving their palm leaves in every ones faces.
We are new liturgicals, attending this modest neighborhood church, whose bells we can hear ring out their warning that we are late (again,) from our driveway. We are fresh faced participants in  this tradition, but long-in-the-tooth in the faith,  and so we are experiencing, with both familiarity and curiosity, the beauty and mystery of learning, and worshiping, and serving, together,in community again.

Last week was spring break, but the winter weather that invaded, keeping us indoors. So we hunkered down, and went to visit the great-grandparents. There we watched movies, and stitched stories, and ate soup and slaw and cornbread, all golden and crusty. Each evening, after supper,  I would lay next to my grandmother, in her high four poster bed, as she read my book and I read a novel found on her bookshelves. (Why I ever pack reading material when I go to her house I am not sure. I always prefer the selections found on her shelves more.) So, there we were, me and her, side by side, just as if I was eight years old.   I would read and she would read, and the the whole time I could smell her face lotion and see her hands out of the corner of my eye. The same hands that have patted and fed and comforted me for my entire 38 years of being. And we would stay that way, both of us reading, her occasionally patting my hand when she read something she especially liked, until my grandfather was ready to join her, and only then would I acquiesce his side of the bed. In those moments I was five, and ten, and eighteen, and all the ages I have ever been thus far. 

My first attempt EVER at gardening finally produced some flowers, which were swiftly beaten and pelted by the rain and sleet.  I brought in the blooms that were broken and blown over and placed them in a little cream pitcher. They were covered in dirt and very windblown, but still their sunny disposition shone through. I am trying to take their approach to this weird turn of the weather. 

I had just cleaned the living room, when I walked in and saw the floor covered with preparations for an epic battle. I considered being miffed and yelling BOYS! at the top of my lungs. But then I remembered. There will not always be toys on my floor. One day (sooner than I want to ponder) the floor will stay clean. For days. And so I let it slide. 

We have begun the process of freshening up the front of the house. Sweet Man and I have started multiple Pinterest boards, which are all filling up fast. Currently our progress includes- the exterior of the front and sides of the house have been painted this celery green, the leaves have been raked and moved to the chicken run, and plants have been added along the walkway. I would make you a list of everything we still need to do, but then I would cry and have to hide under the covers for a week. It is that overwhelming. Instead, let's just enjoy the progress that has been made, OK?  I knew you would understand. (And please tell me I am not alone at feeling overwhelmed by getting the exterior of a house up to par?)

I do have one question though. The front of our house does not get tons of light due to ancient oak trees, but I would love to do some filling in along the front with herbs or edible plants. Any suggestions? 

Now on to what you have all been waiting for...
Congrats to Alexis Hilgert, who won my Inspired Giveaway!
Look for an email soon!

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered and who played along with my first attempt at Rafflecopter. What did you think?


  1. Yeyyyyy!!! I'm so excited! Did you receive my reply email??

    I love the colorful bench in front of your house!!! So pretty!!

  2. Enjoy those toys on the ground...I wish (my almost high school graduate) would take out the army men just one more time. :)

    Outside sprucing is one of my least favorite things (beyond the chairs and tables and candles)...I love the bench as well and I know it will look fabulous!

  3. I would paint the portico (the triangle) part of your porch a loud color. Maybe a periwinkle!!?


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