Wednesday, February 27, 2013

waiting and hoping and thinking

Waiting for Spring.
Waiting for the book.
Waiting for Easter.
Waiting for the Kendra vs Kate Celebrity Wife Swap.
Waiting for flip flop weather.
Waiting to be well.

Hoping for gardening weather.
Hoping you like the book.
Hoping for a pretty Easter.
Hoping that they still have lockers for sale at the state liquidation sales in April.
Hoping to rest a lot this weekend.
Hoping to be well soon.

Thinking about Summer.
Thinking about my mantle. I tried to do something other than the map. But the map fits SO perfectly there.
Thinking about Lent.
Thinking about my limitations.
Thinking about a getaway.
Thinking about a ring of flowers around Hanks neck.

You? What are you waiting, hoping and thinking about it.


  1. I must have missed something..didn't know you are sick. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery and an early spring:)

  2. Definitely waiting for your book!

  3. Jerusalem! for nothing been anxious.......instead pray and give thanks....(can't wait for your book)just look up and dwell in HIS peace that is perfect for all of eternity. ((((HUGS))))

  4. Can't wait for you book! And I love, love, love the map.

  5. Waiting for Spring time warmth--we have had a few Spring like days dotting our month a bit early and it gave me a taste of what is to come. Love the fact that we can look forward to things, don't you?!


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