Monday, February 18, 2013

make do {and make lovely} mondays - chicken feeder

Happy Monday friends! How is your day so far? Is this a holiday for you or just another Monday's Monday?
 I am just about over this cold nonsense. Not quite all the way well, but getting there. We are down to the coughing and stuffy head, which I will take over body aches, fever and sore throat any day. 
But enough about my ailments. Can we just talk about Downton for two seconds? Can you believe? Ugh. So stupid. So what if what's his name wanted out of his contract? Can't they just do like good old fashioned soap operas and replace the actors? I could go along and pretend that Matthew was suddenly a brunette and two inches taller, really I could. 
Okay, my two seconds are up. Moving on.

Yesterday, in a fit of complete inspired genius, Sweet Man built our girls a little feeding station to sit outside their coop. This little structure, completely built out of odds and ends he had on hand, will protect their food and water from the elements and be more accessible to them during the day. Up until now our feeders hung inside the coop, but our girls are rather healthy in size and it seemed like they were always bumping them and spilling food and water out on the floor of their coop. This will help keep food off the floor of the coop (and therefore not invite varmints in) and provide easier access during the day.

The next steps are to put on a metal roof, give a cute paint job, and add the heavy duty hooks for the feeders to hang from. I cannot wait to see it finished! 

PS- Don't you love his sketch?

PSS (or is it PPS?) - The book should be in stores a month from now. I. Cannot. Wait. 


  1. oh wow! I just started following your blog a couple of weeks ago so I had no idea that you had written a book! That's awesome!
    I will have to add that to my creative book list on Amazon!

  2. I must see the finished version of your feeder! What lucky ladies to eat under such a thing!

  3. And Downton Abbey. You have such a good idea. I hadn't even thought about that! I would so go with a hunky, dark haired Matthew. I am not even sure if I want to watch it anymore. I don't care about season 4 right now. I just can't watch the horror any longer.

  4. Already ordered my copy of your book. Can't wait!!!!

  5. Hi Jerusalem,
    Shannan Martin at her blog told me she purchased a print from you a while back. It says "Love has come to walk among us. White on a turquoise background. Do you still have those for sale? I'd like one!

  6. ok...geesh!
    i am slow or God just likes to have the perfect timing for the lightbult to go off.
    i read lettered cottage today...saw that she was sharing shannon's home...i have been talking to shannon..twice via email on my curtains and CW swag...yada.
    well i fell in LOVE with her framed print...
    and who's is it but YOURS?!!

    i am going to be ordering me one of those in the next few days .. not sure what color just yet. oh how happy this makes me.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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