Friday, February 15, 2013


I am home sick again today. Under quilts, taking vitamins, drinking juice like crazy, trying to push this nastiness out of my body. Also I am working on the school Yearbook. These kids make me laugh.

Before the nastiness began I unpacked a box from the Leaning Closet of Stuff. I found my Mary's in there, and decided to hang them up in the Art Room over my desk. I figured they would be good for creative mojo. This is one of them, the more colorful of the two.

I also found my crochet "thong" bunting, which I promptly added to the kitchen window.
I think I want a bunting that is more substanstial - something made from burlap maybe?- but for now this is making me happy.

We are in the weird part of winter here. It's almost spring but winter's not over yet.  Everything is bare outside, but the skies are sunny. It''s a strange combination, light and bareness.
My pom pom flowers are providing much needed color.

Miles basketball season will end this weekend. It has been so much fun to see him take to this sport. Last weekend was their last regular season game and he was rewarded the "most improved" title. You should have seen the grin of pride on my babies face.

Last weekend also meant celebrating my friend Liz's birthday. These tin trays were just a teeny tiny bit of all the items at her house that I wanted to stuff into my pocket book and steal away. I love her style and am SO happy for their new house- it is so perfect for them. 

So that is a bit of the week in review from the sick ward.
I hope your weekend is filled with lots of relaxing and sweet moments.

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