Sunday, January 27, 2013

saying goodbye to Potter Mittens Greer

Today our sweet Hedgehog, Potter Mittens, passed on.
His death was a complete surprise to all of us.
Just yesterday he had been burrowing and eating and doing his hedgehog thing.
We are not sure what caused his death. Was he sick and we didn't notice? Was it a sudden heartattack? Could we have prevented it? We have no idea. Hedgehogs don't have a particularly long lifespan (3-5 years,) but it doesn't make his leaving us any easier.

Despite our sadness, this is one of those moments when I am a really grateful that I have the blog. Whenever we are especially lonesome for him, we will be able to go back and read post about him and even watch the Urban Farm video anytime we want.  

I hope we will always the lesson that Potter taught us - that even the most prickly things often have softest underbellies, you just have to take the time to gain their trust in order to discover them.

Potter Mittens Greer
He was loved.
He was ours.
Will we miss him always.


  1. Jeez, I just cried for your loss of Potter. Give the boys a hug from Obi & Meme.

  2. So sorry for your family's loss. Such a sweet little guy.

  3. Bless your hearts. He was obviously well loved. How lucky is he to have gotten to live his life with your family?


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