Tuesday, January 29, 2013

raining on our parade

Okay there was no parade. But there was a whole lot of snuggling. Which is almost as much fun if you are Miles Greer.

Tonight Wylie and Nathan had to run an errand so that left Miles and I alone for a bit.
As we hunkered down for some supremely great snuggles this is what he said:

Momma, I like it that Daddoe and Wylie are gone. Do you know why? Because now they won't rain on our parade.

(He thinks he is clever but I am on to him. What he really means is "now I have you all to myself" -cue evil genius laugh track-  because he is the baby. And in my experiance that is always what the baby wants.)

Of course then the tornado sirens went off and we had to go hide in the hallway for a bit. 
To which he said 

Now it really IS raining on my parade!

Oh kid. You slay me. Truly.

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  1. Haha! Sounds just like my cuddle bug boy!


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