Wednesday, January 09, 2013

pinning on pinterest

Do you ever pine for things your have pinned? Me too.
As I have become more and more settled about being staying in our house for the foreseeable future, my nesting instinct has resurfaced.
For the most part it has laid dormat for the past two years while we focused on the book and then listing the house. 
But now I have the itch. The fluffing itch. The settling and nestling in itch.

First up. Sconces for the dining room.
I think I want to try and make a funky version of this using large painted wooden beads.

And then I want to attach them to tall shutters/doors and put them on either side of the window in the living room. 
We desperately need more light in there, but it really isn't a "lamp" room. 
I think this will be a lovely solution.

Next, I would like a couple of novelty pillows for the living room.
When we first got Maizy she chewed up almost every pillow we had.
Now that she (we) are trained better I am ready to re-stock. But I don't want to only do stripes and florals. I would love one or two novelty / graphic pillows to punch things up.

Barn Siding Walls.
For the record I have wanted this look for several years. 
Before the plank craze took over Pinterest.
But thank goodness for Pinterest because now Sweet Man knows it can be done. And that I am slightly less nutty than he thought before.

I adore this. I cannot afford it, nor do I have anywhere to put it.
But I love it.
The end.

I am contemplating a white shaggy-ish rug, with our red rag rug layered on top.
I know, a white rug sounds crazy for a family of boys and chickens.
But I cannot help it. 
I love the look with our dingy yellow couch.
Also, we have a table similar to this in the garage. Should we fix it up and move it in?

Ok that is what I have been pinning for over on Pinterest.
What about you?


  1. I just pine over everything you pin. I follow you on Pinterest and love to see what catches your eye. Layer those rugs baby and please bring that coffee table out of the garage. I have the same on and love it!

  2. Isn't Pinterest addicting? I love peeking around there! You can easily create pillows with graphics by printing directly onto fabric - very inexpensive and you can use inexpensive fabric print on the back (so they are reversible) Looking forward to seeing your sconces - you can do it!! And, yes, that chair is to die for - maybe you could get the same look by making a patchwork slipcover?

  3. My problem is too much pinning and not enough doing. Must fix that!
    I love all your ideas!

  4. I totally agree about Pinterest. I can't wait to see your sconces. I know you can do it. I also love the pillows. I am not so into the shaggy rug. I guess the realistic side of me with pets and boys just won't go away!


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