Monday, January 28, 2013

make-do {and make lovely} monday - almost and stuff

I am feeling a bit all over the map today so this post will be slightly all over the map as well.

First, thank you so much for all your sweet words about Potter. We miss the little guy and we really appreciate all your kindness.

In happier news. I am beginning to make out the faint outline of the finish line on our mini-kitchen make-over. 
The bottom cabinets are painted.
The door pulls have been switched.
The curtains changed and lowered.
I figured out where to put all the small appliances.
I found a vintage oil cloth in pink gingham to put on the table.

Still to do:
Make a bunting for top half of window
Move in chest of drawers and hang wall shelving (hoping for something like this?)
Figure out what I want to hang on the wall (leave the chalkboard? purchase something amazing? make something?)
Paint and put in drawer pulls.
And that is just what I can remember needs to be done. I am probably forgetting something.
Already the room is feeling so different. Especially when the sun is shining and all the colors just bounce around.

I promise to show it all soon. 

In other news we splurged and got a new washing machine. It is the first brand new one we have had in 15 years of marraige. It is so fancy it sings a song when it is done washing. Sometimes we just all stare at it, as if it is an alien space ship. It took us a month to decide what kind to buy (new, used, front loader, top loader etc.) Have I mentioned that Sweet Man's word for this year is Intentional? Yup. 
(BTW the bowls have nothing to do with the washing machine, I just love this picture of them.)

Okay, one more random bit.  Can I tell you how much I dislike Mark (or is it Marc?) on Parenthood? And how I like Sarah less and less the more wishy-washy she is?  On the flip side I love the way Julia and Joel communicate-the good and the bad. They are my favs for sure. 

I tried to warn you that I would be all over the map today. Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. I'm so excited that you got moving on this project and I can't wait to see more! I always love what you do.

  2. I love the curtains. Did you make them? Cute. And i can't stand mark on parenthood either.... Not surewhy he just erks me.

  3. I loved your kitchen before and will love the made over version too! I already love your chairs and your tablecloth, and the curtains too!! Maybe an even bigger chalkboard painted on the wall and framed out in moulding...a fun color frame ???


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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