Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, for the first time since a week before Halloween, I have on matching shoes. Okay so they are my Mucks (I may not be ready to go all crazy and wear ballet flats or GASP - wedges!- yet.)
It feels both wierd and wonderful to be boot free.
My first few steps felt a bit like I was walking on a foot made of playdough, but this morning things are slightly less squishy. Although I am still stiff in the hip joints.
 It is so strange, learning to walk on two feet again.

When we got home there was a really lovely package waiting on the door step. My long awaited Latte bowls. 
I now have ants in my pants to get the new curtains up and some wall shelves hung. Guess I better put away the Christmas decorations first..
Dadgum priorities.

Every now and then I will thumb through a magazine and see a picture from the Cottage Style shoot a few years ago. The photographer and publisher own the rights to all those pictures, so I never know when one might pop up. This one (of our master bedroom) is in the latest edition of Vintage Style.

Ever the creative kid, this one turned a sweater and a box into a ninja astronaught costume in minutes flat. 

This one is speeding faster and faster towards his teen years each day. Burst of emotions come out of nowhere- extreme giddiness, frustration, sadness, and silliness all bubble to the surface and spill over, fast and furious. I see so much of myself in him that I feel the need to apologize to my mother. And thank her.

We have a good chunk of vintage books in our schools book room. The kids are leery of them because of their worn and faded covers. They are mostly attracted to NEW! SHINY! POPULAR! books. I am trying to read as many of them as I can so that I can help sell the kids on their wonderful stories and art work, hidden behind the bland and scuffed bindings. My current favorite is  The Big World and the Little House by Ruth Krauss. I wish there were prints made of so many of the books illustrations. If I ever become a real art collector I think that is what I will look for. The original illustrations for children's books.

That's the latest goodness around here.
What good is happening where you are? 

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