Friday, January 11, 2013

away with me

I am away on a little trip.
Not far, but far enough.
I am staying in a small artsy house in a small artsy neighborhood in a big city.
The house reminds me so much of my years in Juneau. Or the movie Singles.
If Sweet Man was here he would never leave the house for all the maps and guitars hanging on the walls. 
I will have to take pictures of them all for him to study once I get home.
Maybe we will come back here together some day.
The house is close to the airport and the train station. Sounds of voyages echoing all around.
While I am away I will be doing many things and meeting many people. 
Soaking in ideas, textures, voices. Reading. Spending large amounts of time in bookstores. Drinking large quanities of coffee. Sharing bits of myself with strangers who will become friends. 
Listening. Lots of listening.

Also I am going to get to go to Urban Outfitters. For the first time. 
(Insert happy dance here.) 
Just keeping it real. 

In case I don't make it back here for a few days, I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. oh Jerusalem, enjoy your escape for all of us. Relish every minute.

  2. Sounds like a sweet little getaway--enjoy, relax, breathe!

  3. Pics please! Enjoy!


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