Friday, November 30, 2012

jolly goode giveaway week- day 5- accessorize it

I cannot believe we are already to the end of this great week! What fun it has been to be able to share all of these giveaways with you, and to be able to spotlight some of the very best non-profits out there. A great way to get us focused on what is truly important as we approach Advent.

Tomorrow Jeanetta and I will be peddling some of our crafty wares at the St. Peter's Christmas Market in Conway.  Between Thanksgiving, the broken foot and so many other twist and turns I didn't get nearly the stock made that I had hoped. But in all honestly, the whole thing is more about trying out new ideas and getting spend time my girl than anything else. We may even open a Bright Ridge CoOp Etsy store with our leftovers. ...You just never know!

But let's get to the fun stuff at hand - today's giveaways - 3 items in all! And some great discount specials as well!

First up: My sister Jemimah has donated a great thirty-one  Large Utility Tote (shown here in organic poppy.) One lucky winner can pick out their own pattern from the current catalog. This tote can carry up to 50 lbs and has an easy-to-clean interior. It is one of thirty-ones most popular totes. I have one myself that I LOVE. It holds so much stuff and is very sturdy.

Jemimah is also offering a discount to anyone wanting to order as well in the month of December. just use the code JOLLY in the title of the email/phone order to get 20% off your total order! 
You can contact her through her Facebook page, her thrity-one website or by email:

Next up is a fun t-shirt necklace in your choice of color.

I love these because they can be left long and funky or looped around for a more tailored look.

Jemimah is also offering 20% off everything in her Etsy shop. Just  use the code JOLLY20 when checking out. 

Jemimah and her husband Adam live in Billings Montana, which is too far away if you ask me. But it is closer than Germany which is where they lived for several years. My sister is amazingly talented - in addition to sewing and creating, she is also a wonderful photographer and hairstylist. I am really hoping they are coming home at Christmas this year. It is never the same without them. Also, I am feeling the need for some red or pink stripes in my hair...

Jemimah chose Operation Homefront as her favorite Non-Profit.
She says this "I love OH because even though their main goal is to help military members with financial assistance, they also support the family members with free events for spouses and children. While I was an Army Wife, I was able to attend a dinner for wives only, that had a motivational speaker, giveaways and a huge swag bag. They really try and take care of the entire family unit."

To learn more about Operation Homefront and see current needs-how you can donate, volunteer or connect military families you know who may need extra help-visit their website today and go "Like" them on Facebook.

Our final giveaway (sniff, sniff) is this great Arkansas necklace from E.Leighs shop here in Little Rock.
If you are an Arkansas native, live her currently or know someone who comes from the Natural State, then this is the perfect bauble for you to keep or give.

E. Leighs is my friend Erin Hohnbaum's dreamchild. Erin and I were co-workers when she quit her 9-5 job to give her heart and soul to starting this business (which I am sure is just the first of many for her.) Erin is as beautiful inside, as she is out and her enthusiasm for life and pursuing her dreams is absolutely infectious. You cannot help but believe anything is possible when you spend more than 5 minutes in her presence. In fact she is so darn cute that Miles was convinced for his entire kindergarten year  that he was going to marry her. I can't blame him.

Erin is a huge supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas. Their mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. Our Clubs provide diverse activities that meet the interests of all youth. Core Programs engage youth in activities with adults, peers and family members that enhance self-esteem and develop full potential. Based on physical, cultural, and social needs and interests of girls and boys, and using developmental principles, clubs offer program activities in five areas.  

To learn more about this great project that has captured Erin's heart, visit their Facebook page or website.

To enter to win these 3 lovely items - the tote, the t-shirt necklace and the Arkansas pendant (to keep or give as a gift) all you have to do is leave a comment  on this post telling me what you are looking forward to the most as we enter Advent and Christmas. The food? The gift making/giving? Visiting family? Decorating? When it's all over? Be honest, I am curious.
 Also make sure to leave me your email address somehow!

For  a second entry please go "like" Operation Homefront or the Boys & Girls Club on Facebook. (make sure to let me know you did!)

And if you feel up to a little more work, go on and "Like" my new Facebook Page or follow me on TwitterPinterest orInstagram and make sure to let me know you did. This will also help you stay connected to all the future Jolly Goode Giveaways and going-ons. 

And don't forget - you can still enter the other giveaways until Sunday night!

All Giveaway entries will be closed at 12 AM December 2.
I will be announcing all the winners for all the Giveways on December 4. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

jolly goode giveaway week-day 4- Sweet Home

This is post is going up by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Today Sweet Man woke up not feeling great. By the time he picked the me and the boys up from school I could tell he wasn't doing well. At the moment he appears to have the flu and has be quarantined in the bed room. I am bunking in the studio tonight on our old couch. Usually I would power through and stay with him, but not this time.
Me and my broken foot are staying on the other end of the house. I cannot tell you how sweet and helpful our boys were tonight running between us tonight, delivering us whatever we needed. What a pitiful pair we are!

But enough about the sick ward at our casa. Let's move on to the fun stuff- MORE giveaways!

First up: A copy of A Sweethaven Christmas by Courtney Walsh
The women of Sweethaven are reunited for a small-town Christmas! 
It's holiday time in Sweethaven, but things don't go quite as planned for these scrapbookers. Lila is thrown for a loop when a woman claiming to be her sister arrives in town. As she begins digging into the woman's claims, Lila uncovers things about her family she may never be able to accept or forgive. After the girls find an old scrapbook on Adele's bookshelf, she is reminded of her first love, a Sweethaven boy whose heart she broke so many years ago. With help from modern technology, Adele arranges a reunion with this man. And when Campbell sees Luke with a ring, she isn't sure whether to be happy or terrified. Are wedding bells in her future? For Jane and Meghan, Sweethaven is filled with the promise of something new -- as well as good friends, a new scrapbook, and a little holiday magic!

I just finished this book, and just like all the others in the Sweethaven series, it is absolutely loveable. I really do feel like I know of the characters so well, and I wish there at least 3 more books in the series coming out! I am so proud of Courtney and her work and I am so happy that she has decided to share a copy of her book for the giveaway week!

BUT wait! That's not all!
Courtney has generously offered, for one lucky winner,  free admission to her online class Home Blessings! In this four-week workshop, you'll learn to create mixed-media wall art, collaged frames, and dimensional decor to bless your home with your own unique touch. Along the way, you'll discover meaningful ways to bring blessing into your everyday and then create tangible elements to reflect these blessings.
Can you think of a better way to put your paper-crafting products (and skills) to use?
Learn more about this course here at Big Picture classes

Even though Courtney and I have yet to meet in person, we have swapped emails for a while now, and I am honored to call her a friend. Her heart and enthusiasm are genuine and I am always amazed at how many irons she manages to keep in the fire. This girl gets it DONE! (Whatever It may be.)  I am determined that at some point we will actually get to hang out, eat cheese dip and dream up some fun projects to do together.

Courtney chose A21 as her favorite non-profit. Courtney says "My favorite ministry is A21 which was started by Christine Caine. To me, there is no greater injustice than human trafficking--treating people like objects and slaves. I love the work A21 has set out to do and I only wish I could get a little more "in the trenches" with them. I appreciate so much the hands-on nature of their ministry and the way they help these women--many of them just girls--and help them heal. Their stories are remarkable."

If you have not heard of A21 please check them out. Human trafficking and the sex slave trade are both real issues that are happening right underneath all our noses- not just off in distant third world countries. And we can all help, we can all notice, we can all act.

 While we are on the subject of home blessings (among other things,) I am SO excited to tell you about our third giveaway item of the day!

A custom 8x10. any design, any name, any colors from Baby Byrds!
These prints are too adorable and I have been contemplating who I can order one for.  They are perfect for babies and kids rooms, as well as bathrooms, playrooms and kitchens. They also make great gifts!

Check out Christens shop Baby Byrds to see all your options for colors, patterns and prints. I think you will love everything you find there.

This is Christen and her husband Ryan. They live in Little Rock where they raise their 3 "baby byrds" in a great old house that has a front porch to envy. Every now and then Christen and I manage to find a night to sneak off for coffee together and I am always so encouraged afterwards. She is another person who I would LOVE to collaborate with someday, somehow. Also, she bought my vintage green velvet couch, so I will love her forever for saving it from the thrift store. And she loves and cares for the homeless every chance she gets, so you know, she is pretty golden.

Christen picked Our House as her non-profit of choice, because in her words:
"They actually change lives. Our House helps those who want to get back on their feet. They give them tangible ways to get their life back together. They keep families together and support them and love on their children so much. They truly want people to succeed."

To enter to win these 3 lovely items - the book, the class and the print (to keep or give as a gift) all you have to do is leave a comment  on this post telling me the best remedy for the Flu, which print you would choose. Or whatever you want to say, I like knowing what is on your mind!
 Also make sure to leave me your email address somehow!

For  a second entry please go "like" Our House or A21 on Facebook. (make sure to let me know you did!)

And if you feel up to a little more work, go on and "Like" my new Facebook Page or follow me on TwitterPinterest orInstagram and make sure to let me know you did. This will also help you stay connected to all the Jolly Goode Giveaways and Givers this week!

And don't forget - you can still enter Giveaway 1: MyMemories Digital Creative Software

All Giveaway entries will be closed at 12 AM December 2.
I will be announcing all the winners for all the Giveways on December 4. 

I cannot believe tomorrow is the final day of the Giveaways! Be sure to come back and see what it will be!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

jolly goode giveaway-day 3 - red, white and plaid all over

When I was a freshman in college I had seven best friends whom I ate almost every meal with. Also, I was in-love with someone other than Sweet Man (only because I hadn't met him yet!) who lived back in my hometown of Juneau, Alaska. In those days I dreamed of having a Christmas eve wedding, with all of my bridesmaids wearing plaid taffeta dresses, in snowy Juneau. 

Instead I married an Arkansas boy, in the spring, and my bridesmaids wore yellow crepe (with Jeanetta being the only one from that group of seven to be an official bridesmaid.) I definitely married the right man, but if I had the wedding to do over now, I might have the chutzpah (and the patience to wait for winter) to go with the plaid. I still love it so. There is just something so classic about a red plaid, don't you think?

Which brings us to today's giveaway- this beautiful Classic wreath from P. Allen Smith's collection 

And this original JOY poster by yours truly.

The P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection is returning to stores just in time for the holidays. This year's collection includes three new designs and three favorites from 2011. Once again Allen has  partnered with the Berry Family of Nurseries to supply the freshest, sustainably harvested Noble Fir boughs from the Cascade Mountains in western Oregon. Attention to detail, from hand-selecting the limbs to hand-tying the greenery and ornaments, ensures a lush, high-quality product that will last throughout the season.

I personally love this wreath because it reminds me of those wedding dresses, and because I just have a weakness for plaid. I don't know if it is because I came of age in the era of Grunge or if it is my Scottish heritage coming through, but my love for plaid is well documented all over Pinterest. I think this wreath would look stunning on our red door.

Recently Allen brought our family some of his heritage New Hampshire Red hens to keep. These birds are the perfect addition to our newly improved coop and run because they are a hearty breed, great layers and will do well in an urban cottage farm set-up.  While I can't give any of these birds away (I don't think they would fit well in a flate-rate box) I am excited to be able to give away one of his beautiful wreathes just in time for Christmas!

I feel a particular kin-ship with Mr. Smith, because like our little family, he loves history- especially American history- and that is reflected in almost all of his work - from his Holiday Collection to his Heritage Poultry Conservancy.

We could not be more excited about our hens and I cannot wait to share about this special day a little later on.

I am also giving away a copy of this printed poster  because to me, this year especially, JOY is something I am working on embracing and celebrating. I have so much to be thankful for, and to be happy about, but my joy does not - and should not- come from my circumstances. All too often I forget that as I stare at my navel and moan woe is me all for all to hear.
My joy - true joy- should come, does come,  from believing that I am loved and from spreading that love and mercy as far and as wide as possible. True grace and mercy knows no end or bounds or limits and neither does true joy.

For today's Giver spotlight I could think of no better project than The Field. The Field is an urban farm established to benefit Central Arkansas’s homeless and/or impoverished neighbors. In addition to providing fresh produce to those in need, The Field will provide homeless individuals with the opportunity to earn a day’s wages by participating in the business of the farm. The Field is a joint venture between The One, Inc. and The People Tree, Inc. It is their desire that The Field will become a social gathering place for people from all walks of life who are committed to serving others. 

In addition to the garden, Aaron and his crew are also building a chicken coop that will provide eggs to eat and sell, as well as helping produce great fertilizer for the garden. 

I could think of no better non-profit to pair with today's giveaway than this.

OK, so now for your part. How can you help and How you can enter today's giveaway to win the wreath and the poster (remember you can always have these items sent to a loved one as a gift it you prefer.)

To enter to win these two lovely holiday items (to keep or give as a gift) all you have to do is leave a comment  on this post telling me something about chickens or plaid or gardening or whatever you feel like, really. I just like your company. Also make sure to leave me your email address somehow!

For  a second entry please go "like" The Field on Facebook. (make sure to let me know you did!)

And if you feel up to a little more work, go on and "Like" my new Facebook Page or follow me on TwitterPinterest orInstagram and make sure to let me know you did. This will also help you stay connected to all the Jolly Goode Giveaways and Givers this week!

And don't forget - you can still enter Giveaway 1: MyMemories Digital Creative Software

All Giveaway entries will be closed at 12 AM December 2.
I will be announcing all the winners for all the Giveways on December 4. 

Happy Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jolly Goode Giveawa Week- Day 2- Soul of Thanks

Are you ready for some more Giving and Giveaways?
Are you ready for some truly beautiful giveaway items today? Are you ready to learn about some more organizations making a difference?
 I am SO excited about these! Kinda wish I could enter my own giveaway.

FIRST- Win this Painting! 
I am a sucker for old hymns (as you have probably figured out by now,) so when I found Heather's Etsy shop, The Not So Blank Canvas, by way of her FB page, I fell head over heels with this painting (along with several others, including this one and this one. Is it extra bad to covet faith- inspired art?)

This is an original 14x18 hand painted canvas.

There are several colors available and the winner of this giveaway get's to pick THEIR FAVORITE ONE in this style! How sweet is Heather to do that??  Please go right away and visit her at The Not So Blank Canvas and check out ALL her beautiful paintings. You may just find something perfect to give for Christmas.

Heather Harrison is one of those lovely people with whom I should probably be better friends with because we love many of the same people, wore the exact same wedding dress all those years ago (it was a small pool to choose from back then) and are busy raising boys. We have only been in the same room on a handful of occasions, but from what I can tell, she is just as down-to-earth and lovely as her artwork. Heather's favorite non-profit is YoungLives where she helps to mentor teen moms. 

Treating each mom and her child or children with unconditional love and respect, YoungLives offers teen moms relief from the isolation and struggle of their daily lives and hope for the future. YoungLives mentors provide friendship, parenting advice and help meeting the practical demands of raising a child. At YoungLives club and camp, moms get to socialize and have fun while their babies get the best possible care.

To learn more about YoungLives visit click here 

But wait. We are not done yet. In addition to Heather's painting, I am also excited to be able to giveaway this beautiful handmade necklace by my friend Nicheyta. I have several of be Free Design necklaces and I love them ALL.  I love how she incorporates words and phrases into her jewelry. I have one of her tiny lockets and I often wear it when I need a reminder that "all will be well." Make sure to see all her latest creations on her the be Free Designs Facebook page.

Nicheyta (far left) is a dear friend who lives close but who I do not get to see enough of. Her heart and her wealth of creativity are as big as her smile, if not bigger. She chose the Arkansas Dream Center as her favorite non-profit saying " I love the Arkansas Dream Center in LR and Conway.  I've seen first hand how it has impacted the lives of children and families that have been a part of it."

The Arkansas Dream Center is non-profit dedicated to helping Arkansans. We provide hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs.
It is very simple. We are going out into the communities of Arkansas, we are seeking out the hurting and the hopeless; then we are doing whatever it is we can to meet those needs and to make life better. We reach out to hurting and needy children, families and adults across all races and cultures each week.

Click here to learn more about the Arkansas Dream Center

To enter to win these two lovely pieces of original art (to keep or give as a Christmas gift) all you have to do is leave a comment  on this post telling me if you would keep or give these beauties away as gifts.  It's that simple. 

For  a second entry please "Like" my new Facebook Page or follow me on TwitterPinterest orInstagram and make sure to let me know you did. This will also help you stay connected to all the Jolly Goode Giveaways and Givers this week!

And don't forget - you can still enter Giveaway 1: MyMemories Digital Creative Software

All Giveaway entries will be closed at 12 AM December 2.
I will be announcing all the winners for all the Giveways on December 4. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jolly Goode Giveaway Week Kick-Off - Day 1 MyMemories

Well we made it! We made it through Thanksgiving and all the food and all the family. It was wonderful and exhausting and memorable, and I was never so happy to just come home and crawl into my own bed as I was yesterday afternoon. Traveling even a short distance and being out of place is a lot harder with a broken foot than I had anticipated! Who knew?
Today we are headed back to school and back to work, but we are not back to our regular scheduled programming on the blog. Do you know why?

 Because it's Jolly Goode Giveaway Week!!! (I just said that in my best Oprah voice, couldn't you tell?) All week long I will be doing two things daily 1) Giving away some GREAT items and 2) Sharing info on GREAT non-profits that could use your help this holiday season! 

This is just a small preview of some of the items that I am so excited to share with you, so make sure you come back EVERYDAY this week to see what is the Jolly Goode Giveaway of the Day!

Today we are starting with a great one - MyMemories Suite Software.  

MyMemories Suite v4 is a fun and easy way to create scrapbooks, photobooks and more. The company gave me this exact software to give it a test run. Because I am not a scrapbook person (I know, shame on me) I was not sure what I would be able to do with this software, but I was excited to learn that all of the pages you create can be exported as JPEG's. I have used this software to create both of the graphics above and the Timeline Banner on my new Facebook page. And I cannot wait to create more, it is slightly addicting once you get the hang of it. It is pretty user friendly and runs fast on my computer. I cannot speak to how things look once printed and bound, but so far I have loved using it for web use and have found it fairly intuitive.

You can also use this software (that you can download easily) to create the following:


MyMemories Suite will help you create your beautiful pages from scratch or you can build an entire album using one of the many professionally-designed templates provided within the software. A large collection of papers and embellishments are also included to help you make each page uniquely your own. Then use the share option within the software to turn your digital scrapbook into a professionally printed and bound book

Custom Gifts

MyMemories Suite will help you create your own project and then export them to create custom gifts. You can create iPhone skins, laptop skins, jewelry, magnets and more. 


MyMemories Suite will help you create customized printable projects. You can create all kinds of printable boxes, decorations and gift tags like these above. There are many FREE downloadable templates, a Dollar Store and sales all the time.

Web Designs

Create Facebook Timeline Banners, Blog Banners, Etsy Store Banners and other for web graphics


Print directly from the software to your home printer or export and take your project to your favorite printer. MyMemories Suite lets you export your projects as JPG, PNG, PDF or SVG.

Create an interactive project with music, narration, video and even the Internet with simple options. Then share your completed project on a DVD or as a slideshow.

MyMemories has generously offered to give away 1 Free Version of this Software to one lucky reader!

Don't think you will use this great software? Well you can always give it as a Christmas gift to a friend or loved one! This software is a $35 value and would make a great gift for that scrapbooker or crafty person in your life.

They have also given me a $10 off coupon that any of my readers can use at anytime at MyMemories.Com - Just enter this code during check-out: STMMMS91609

Ok, so how to enter, that is what you want to know isn't it?
Well there are just a few easy steps:

1) please read below about one of my very favorite non-profits, Projecting Hope in Swaziland and the AMAZING selfless work they are doing with HIV/AIDS children and adults in Swaziland.

2) Leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favorite non-profit is (I will choose one from these comments to feature later this week) and if you would use MyMemories for gift making, scrapbooking or web images. Or just tell me whatever you want. I a

3) For an extra entry, please visit Ian and Jenn's Facebook Page and "Like" Projecting Hope and then come back and let me know you did so. This will help get the word out about the great work they are doing and how easy it is to help them.

4) For a final third entry please "Like" my new Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and make sure to let me know you did. This will also help you stay connected to all the Jolly Goode Giveaways and Givers this week!

Entries will be closed at 12 AM December 2.
I will be announcing all the winners for all the Giveway's on December 4. 

Good luck! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday's Challenge- Give Give Give

Today is Christ the King Sunday. If you are familiar with the Liturgical calendar, the Church year, then you will know what this means. If not, let me give this brief and inadequate explanation. It is the feast day set aside to mark the reign of Christ as King, now and forever.  Christ the King Sunday is the very last Sunday of the Church year and to some degree marks the last chapter in the journey  and life of Christ, in that it sums up the belief that Christ, post- resurrection,  reigns as King now and forever, amen. This Sunday marks the last (and ongoing) stage in Christ life: Kingship. 
After Christ the King Sunday, comes Advent, and the whole cycle starts over again.
What is unique about the beginning of the church year in contrast with the beginning of the calendar year, is that you know going in  how the story ends. You have confidence, to some degree, about what you are getting yourself into. You know how it all ends even as  you are about to start the story over again- back at the beginning, in Advent. Waiting.

Quite often Christ the King Sunday falls on the Sunday before Thanksgiving with Advent beginning the Sunday following Thanksgiving. While efficient, this doesn't leave much room for reflection on the two -the end and the beginning - as the week in-between is filled with turkeys and pies and travel and odd schedules. But every few years we get a gift. We get a week between the two that does not include a federal holiday. We get a week between the end and the beginning. And that is this week.

I posted the quote above because I feel like that all too often we ( and I mean me and my motley crew) rush straight from Thanksgiving to Advent without taking a breath, without really thinking about how we really want to begin. And we rush into Advent and Christmas and parties and gifts and all of it with the intention of giving away more than we take. Of finding places and pockets of need that we can help fill with both tangible and intangible gifts. But all too often our good intentions get pushed to the side along with the laundry, the overdue library books, and that old carton of yogurt in the back of the fridge  because we are pre-occupied with or too tired from all the making merry to remember.

So here is the challenge I feel this year, and one I will throw out to you.  We have a week. A week before Advent is here, before my boys will start opening those little doors on the Chocolate Advent Calendars, a week before we will light our first candle on our Advent wreath. A week before we pray our prayers and begin our waiting. A week when we can instead, really focus on giving, on looking for those pockets and those places of need where we can share a smile, a meal, an hour, a gift, a ride, a dollar or two or twenty. There are four weeks of Advent (not counting Christmas Eve) and there are four of us in our little family. What if each of us took a week to find a way to give the thing we love most -our most prized possession, resource or talent - away? Could we do it? Could we help each other? Will we remember and stay true to our goal, or will we get busy and preoccupied and give-up?

We have a week to think on it, pray on it, toss ideas in the air, retract those ideas, throw out different ones, to figure out where our gifts can help the most, think about what would hurt the most to give, to talk each other out of it, and back into it again. And to come up with a general plan that is open to improvement but fleshed out enough to not be easily dismissed later - when we are tired and looking for the escape clause, when we feel embarrassed or selfish or just lazy. Because you know we will. We are only human after all.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

a week of thanksgiving - day 6 - yarn over candles

So did you shop? Did you get any great deals? Maybe you bought some candles with clearance stickers on them that you can't get off? Isn't that the worst? Why do companies make labels on candles and frames so blasted hard to get off? Do the head hauncho's  have homes filled with objects that still have the stickers on them? I don't think so.

We are having some special guest next week and I have been working little by little to get the house ready (with lots of help I might add.) I have help from the boys and friends with cleaning and sorting and de-cluttering  and it is great, but sometimes I miss being able to do it my way. I want to be the one to fluff my little nest, running here and there, fixing this, adjusting that, like I have always done.

This whole broken foot thing has been a real lesson in humility, patience and in picking my battles. The reality is that there is only so much I can do, and I have to choose wisely and thoughtfully each day. I cannot just jump in with two feet and go for "it," whatever "it" may be.

 This new way of moving through my day is so contrary to how I normally operate, and sometimes it gets the best of me, and I throw a small pity party for myself.  But sometimes I get a new idea simply because I have been sitting in the same spot for 20 minutes. An idea I may have never had if I had been flitting around like a busy bee.

This is how I came up with the idea to wrap my sticker-stuck candles with yarn. I had an ugly but useful candle and I had couple of balls of yarn. Voila.
I didn't use anything but yarn, scissors and the candles. I alternated the pink and the red yarn, just wrapping it around the jar tightly and tucked the ends underneath as I wrapped.  I left the bottom curve exposed because I thought it gave the whole presentation a nice finish and balance.

We won't be putting out our Christmas decorations until Advent begins, so this little yarn-inspired tablescape will work another week. 
I stuffed my bell jar with pom poms and small yarn balls, and added a few more balls and pom's here and there. At Christmas I fill the bell jar with vintage glass ball ornaments. I think this is a lovely take on that same concept. 

I filled the vintage wooden toolbox caddy with jars of vintage silverware and our napkins. Also when we were unpacking all the boxes from the when the house was for sale, I found these great carnival glass salt and pepper shakers that I bought right before we packed. It was a little like finding an early Christmas present.

Jeanetta thinks that someone may need to stage a pom pom intervention around my casa, but I don't think one can have too many pom poms. Do you? Surely not. 

See? Look at how cute all of that is! If loving pom poms is wrong, I don't want to be right. 
Also, I am wondering what else I can wrap in yarn....

Today we are headed to my grandparents home where we will celebrate one my Thanksgiving. We will eat more pies and more turkey and more dressing and more of who knows what else. We will laugh and talk and maybe even argue a bit (though thank goodness the election is over!) And we will go to bed with bellies and hearts full-up.

As we wrap up this little week of Thanksgiving, I just have to say how I am so thankful for my family, my friends, for blessings that come in the midst of sitting and waiting, for help that comes from all around, for simple ideas that bring smiles, and for this blog and the ability to share this season of my life with you.  Thank you for sticking with me. Mwauh!

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