Tuesday, December 18, 2012

raise the white flag, zigzag

Everything was going so well.
Until I got stumped on one particular part of one particular gift.
And then it seemed that nothing had been going well at all.
So I raised the white flag. 
I retreated to my room.
I closed the door, got under the covers,  turned on last weeks Parenthood, and picked up my crochet hook and yarn.
And I cried. 
I cried for Newtown, I cried for sick mothers, I cried for broken hearts, I cried roads not taken, I cried because it's Christmas. 
And then Sweet Man said dinner was ready.
So I went back out, puffy eyed, and ate loaded baked potatoes with my menfolk.
I sipped some wine and ate a cookie. I told the boys to take showers and then I went to bed and slept a good 8 hours. 
Sometimes you just have to surrender.

1 comment:

  1. That's what I need to learn.....surrender everything to HIM!


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