Thursday, December 27, 2012

on the third day of Christmas

Today is the third day of Christmas on our way to Epiphany. We are still snowed in for the most part. Sweet Man did trudge to work today, and I think he secretly liked being the only one there. A little solitude can be good for the soul.
The boys have gone to a friends house for a brief bit, so it is me and the dog and the chickens and the hedge hog holding down the fort.
Can't say I mind either.
All these pictures are some of my most favorite gifts this Christmas. None of them are big or expensive. But each of them reflect that the giver thought of me, knows me and loves me.

I had a good cry yesterday about all the things beyond my control this Christmas - not being at the snow covered farm as I had dreamed, having to postpone our trip to my parents till New Years , being stuck inside with this ole foot of mine. Yadayadayada. 

The thing I love about my Sweet Man is that he lets me cry it out without telling me to buck up and be grateful.
Because he knows that I am insanely grateful.
But he also knows what it means to have plans thrawted and your heart a wee bit broken.
And he knows that one does not cancel the other out.
So he lent me his shoulder and wiped away my tears.

And then I opened my very clenched hands -again -to recieve my home, the snow, my limitations and changes in plans, recieving with thanks and asking for nothing to change.

 And then the sun came out. It really did. And it was all better. Not fixed, or changed, but better.
Sometimes we just need the space to say all the things that we really feel without fear of condemnation being heaped upon our heads. We need to say the words and we need to know that they were heard.
In that moment Nathan wasn't just my husband, he was also Christ arms and ears and warmth. He heard my cries and responded with mercy, grace, hugs, acceptance, paitence and love.

It was a beautiful gift, perhaps my favorite one of Christmas.


  1. Those are all so beautiful. I just love your blog, I check every post. Merry Christmas!

  2. awwwwww and the Lord holds each of your tears. blessings!


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