Monday, December 31, 2012

on the seventh day of Christmas - I contemplated cabinet knobs and paint colors

For months I have been looking for a paint color for the top half of the dining room. White walls just aren't our thing, but I also don't want to go back to red. It was a great 9 year run with the red, but I am ready for a lighter and brighter dining experiance.  Months ago I found a great paintable wallpaper on Craigslist - very granny chic ( have I mentioned this before? I can't remember. Let's blame the foot.) 
But I knew I would need a happy color to go over the top. Before Christmas, Liz's sister Rachel came over to help me find a color (she worked for Sherwin-Williams at the time) and we settled on Funky Yellow. But it turned out that it was a tad too funky - even for me.  I kept telling Rachel that I had seen the color I was imagining somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. Was it the Latte bowls at Anthropologie?  A couch on pinterest? Where had I seen it?

And then, while checking out at Anthropoglie last Friday, I suddenly saw it. It was my Anthro customer rewards card. It was close to funky yellow, but slightly less funky and a tad more me.
The trim and the bottom wainscotting will stay their current colors and the wallpaper will get a nice coat of Anthro Plastic. I like it.

In addition to the latte bowls I was finally splurging on (the pastel set) after looking for a year,  I was also picking up some new hardware for our slow-as-molasses kitchen makeover.
I bought yellow and red, not knowing for sure which color I would go with, or if I would use both.

Looking past the anthro card and into the kitchen I realized that I liked how the little bit of yellow on the upper cabinets pulled in the dining room wall color. And how well the red on the bottom popped. 

For now this is probably what I will go with. Who knows what I will think if when we replace the backsplash and countertops and bottom cabinets. I might reverse my decision all together. Red on top and yellow on bottom. 

I am also comtemplating painting the bottom cabinets the same shade as the bottom of the dining room walls. Just enough color to add a pop, but not enough to be heavy. I am done with heavy for a while. Also, I think the red will REALLY look great on cool blue doors.
Oh dear. I feel an afternoon painting project coming on...

PS- Happy New Years friends. 

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  1. I like it! Especially the blue on the bottom with the red knobs. Can't wait to see it all come together.

    Happy New Year!


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