Friday, December 28, 2012

on the fourth day of Christmas

The snow is slowly melting. I am currently snug as a rug in my bed wathching Beekman re-runs and cotemplating a shower.
We have been very blessed in that we did not lose power during this mini-blizzard as so many people in Little Rock did. 
There is a huge limb laying on top of our garage and our Gardenia bush may not have survived, and one of our vintage metal awnings is falling off slowly.
We do not know if there is any other damage- smaller limbs on the roof etc. Because the snow has been so heavy and thick we really can't see anything. 
But today there is a constant drip outside my window as the ice and snow melts. I am curious to see what all is revealed.
Luckily I have lots of new reading material to keep me occupied along with a copy of Moonrise Kingdom from my Sweet Man. Also, rumor has it that Jeanetta might stop by and wisk me to Anthropologie to use my gift card. 
Who knows what the day might bring yet...


  1. gift cards are always good! specially from Anthro!

  2. Love love love anything by Laurie Colwin but especially Home Cooking (1 and 2). An Anthropologie gift card--you lucky duck!


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