Monday, December 10, 2012

Make Do {and make lovely} Monday - Advent, Week 1, in Review

Due to sick boys and my foot, we were a little behind starting our Advent observances last week. But by Tuesday we had rallied, and even though we had not yet unpacked our Advent wreath or calendar, we still found a way to make-do. We lit a candle, said a prayer and started our journey together.

Miles is VERY into Christmas this year. Everyday he asked "are we putting up the tree today?" I knew we wouldn't be able to decorate until the weekend so instead we went for a drive through holiday light displays

and to an outdoor Christmas craft market/tree lighting event, where Sweet Man and Mark Currey got to get their Christmas jam on. (Did I just say "jam on"... I may be hanging around too many Middle School students these days...) The night was perfect holiday fun. I found a seat by Santa where I could people watch, drink amazing hot chocolate, and enjoy all the merriment feet free.

Later in the week some High School students came over and decorated my office for me- isn't Tigger so cute in his Santa hat? Love, love.

This week our new hens starting laying eggs, which to me seems very fitting for this week of Hope.

I am sending the very last proofed copy of the book back to my publishers today. Cannot believe how close it all is to being done.  It doesn't seem that long ago that it was just a tiny little seed of an idea. The book begins in the season of Advent, so it seemed fitting that I would finish it during Advent as well.

 My sister came for three days, we decorated, we ate Chinese delivery, we  watched Little Women and White Christmas and we made my favorite chocolate chip cookies. Just having her here helped so much. Sometimes you just need your sister.

As always, this album has gone into heavy rotation, as it is my very favorite.I can never listen to it until the tree has gone up though. It is like saving the last best bite of pie. I want to savor it properly.

In fact, that is pretty much how I feel about Advent in general.


  1. A book???? Can wait to get a copy! you go girl!

  2. Looking forward to the book. So know how much sisters mean to sisters.


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