Friday, December 14, 2012

just some stuff

 I finally downloaded a bunch of pictures off my phone. If you follow me on Instagram then most of these will be familiar.
Did you see that Josh and Brent won the Amazing Race? So happy for them! Now Josh can quit the ad game and move to the farm full time. So wonderful. Also they are going to use part of their winnings to help other small farmers get out of debt. I really hope their show get's picked up for another season. Brent and I share a brain in many ways. We both want to be Martha Stewart. 

Boot Vadar.

Little brother is playing basketball, which leaves big brother and me home alone for an hour or so twice a week. I am loving having one on one time with this kid. Reminds me of when he was little and it was just us at home everyday. He has such a sweet spirit. I am a blessed momma.

 Finished this book on Wednesday and now feel like Rachel and I are now great friends. Her writing style is very warm and welcoming and I loved getting a glimpse into her world. This would be a great Christmas gift for almost everyone.

I recently went through a box of College and High School memorabellia. This is my cheat sheet from my early days as a page for the Alaskan Senate my senior year of high school. That was one of the most fun jobs ever. Especially the night of the great philibuster that lasted till 3am. It was a tiny bit like living in West Wing. Alaskan style of course.

 The most beautiful woman in the world. My Maw. She is modeling a scarf I made. I think she looks positivaly royal in it.

 Orange salad on my Maw's wedding china. We always use the china for holiday gatherings. I adore Orange Salad. Shhhh, don't tell the foodies.

Miles wore this to Professional Dress Day at school. And he kept the hat on all day. I am wondering if he plans on driving horse drawn carraiges for a career. Love him.

Sweet Man and I visited a lovely neigborhood church on Sunday. I sure do love this style of architecture for Churches.

From about age 12-16 I desperately wanted to be a fashion designer. Looking at this sketch I think we can all agree that I made the better career choice.

Fingers crossed, this weekend is going to be all about making and baking. The decorating is done, the house is clean (enough) and 99% of the store bought gifts have been ordered. I am ready to take on some Christmas cookies and break in the new sewing machine. Wish me luck!
What do you have in mind for the weekend?

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  1. Jerusalem, I received my wreath from P.Alan Smith today. So lovely and fresh. Thanks again for offering your give-always. Hedy


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