Friday, December 07, 2012

a little wishlist

Out of habit I still make a Christmas wishlist. Even though the boys and Sweet Man prefer the element of surprise, I figure it never hurts to give a few hints. This year what I really want is two good feet, but I think that might be asking a bit much. So here are a few things I would be ubber excited to find in my stocking instead.

Drying Rack - Now available online

My dream gift. 
I had one as a little girl and I wish I still had it.
Seriously. If you find one of these at a second hand store or a garage sale give me a holler.  

Santa already brought me a new sewing machine for Christmas (which I intend to put to good use making many a gift.) so I am not expecting another big delivery. But if I had to pick one thing from this list, I think I would pick the drying rack. I just love it.


  1. I LOVE the Hey Y'all sign! Would be perfect for this Southern girl. : ) Have a great weekend!

  2. too funny...just ordered the rack on Thursday night (Merry Christmas!)

  3. I love that drying rack, wish I had space for it on my counter. Loved Fashion Plates ....don't know what became of the ones that I had.

    Hope you are back on two good feet soon !

  4. I,too, have had my eye on that drying rack. Must be everyone has because its already on back order(boo).

  5. WOW! I use to have those fashion plates, I don't know what ever happened to them....but I would keep checking online...maybe etsy

    Happy Holidays

  6. Oh my goodness, I had those Fashion Plates too...what memories!

  7. Melissa and Doug makes a new version of fashion plates. My daughter saw one and I was so excited when she said that she wanted one.

  8. I had the Fashion Plates too! Loved them. I have found them a few times at the thrift store and sold them (after making some killer clothing combos) on Ebay!


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