Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a little printable

Last week a very wonderful friend of mine asked me to whip up a little poster for her to put with a display of plaid suitcases. The theme was "to grandmother's house we go," which is exactly what I went with. Kerri's taste runs a little bit more modern than mine, so I created two posters - one with a cute house and one without. I figured that way she could choose which one she liked best and I could stop obsessing about whether or not the house was too cutesy for her.

Feel free to copy, save, print and use these images if you like. They are a little gift from me to you.

The Christmas decorating around our casa is almost done. Judea and I got so much done this weekend, but we didn't quite get it all. The house looks a little bit like Santa's workshop exploded. I had ambitions of getting it done last night, but then we had to go buy groceries and have dinner and well somehow the evening got away from me. This morning almost as soon as I woke up I said a prayer that this evening I would have a wonderful burst of energy so I can get it finished. I really want it done so that I can enjoy it and so I can move on to Christmas gift making and baking.

How goes your decorating? All done? Just starting?


  1. Oh my, I haven't started. BTW I love that new sign, but I'm the grandmother and they are coming here! May print them for the grands anyway. Hope you get the needed burst of energy tonight.

  2. These are adorable! thankyou ♥

  3. We are all decorated here ;) I know what you mean about Christmas exploding in the house, that HAS to happen in order for the magic to happen. Peace, Donna

  4. ummm yeah....christmas decorating? not so much this year...waahhh. I couldn't get in the mood, with not having my own house anymore, and all. plus, my room is overflowing as it is, it generally looks like a craft-bomb exploded because I never get my messes cleaned up in between projects/events/etc, and my holiday bins are waaaaaay back in my closet storage. if it wasn't for E, I'd just as soon pass on christmas all together, which is SO not like me.

    but, I did finally get E's tree put up in her room, and we'll decorate it together when she gets back from her dad's tomorrow....assuming I can muster up some....something.....to get my bins out of the closet. it's just....doing so means making an EVEN BIGGER mess, and the thought of that is a bit overwhelming. and you'd think that would be the least of my worries in the overwhelming department, but if you saw my room in its current state, you'd see that there's about thismuch space for MORE MESS.

    I want my life back :(

    ok, this was so not the direction I intended my comment to go in, so how about this:

    I'm prepping parts for "joy" banners for E's classmates to make at their holiday parties this Thursday & Friday....she's technically in two different classes, which means double of everything, except I'm special events committee co-chair, so in this case, it'd be double the banner parts regardless. Anyway, I'm prepping banner parts, and of course, there is glitter involved. After telling E to PLEASE BE CAREFUL AROUND ALL MAMA'S GLITTER!, guess who knocked my glitter-catcher tray & sent it flying off my little work table, & onto the floor...and all over my phone, and eventually up my nose, and in my eyes. Yes. ME. And all I'm going to say is, thank goodness E didn't comment on how I was the one who wound up making the insane glitter mess, because I was totally waiting for it. Truth be told, I think she might have been a little worried mama was going to lose it, and in her infinite 4 year old wisdom, found it best to keep her precious little mouth zipped ;)



ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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