Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a little more craft fair and a sale

Happy 12-12-12 day friends!

I think I am having some craft fair withdrawals. Or maybe I am just having Jeanetta withdrawals. For a whole year we plotted, brainstormed and talked about what we were going to do and make and try for this craft fair. It now seems weird to not be thinking about it and chatting about it daily anymore. We may have to find a good spring event to participate in...

Even though we managed to pull it off, there are still so many things that we didn't get around to making. One thing I did try was Magnet Chalkboards made from metal serving trays. The ones that didn't sell will be making into some gift baskets.

These are our spring themed aprons and banners from our old shop. Anyone need a Mother or Happy Mother's Day banner? I am your lady. $13 for any of the banners you see here and the price includes shipping.
Send me an email (jerusalemgreer at gmail)  if you are interested!

Jeanetta is the crochet queen. She made so many adorable headbands (that are headache free!) and broaches. Her talent is endless and amazing. You should see her act or paint. Amazing.

I made up some jars of embroidery floss with cute drawer-pull lids. My leftover stock of these will also be getting a Christmas gift make-over. I am thinking mending kits...

Our booth theme was General Store meets Farm, so we had buckets of pom pom flowers and a laundry line.

I have a few signs left - I think of I have one of each of these styles you see here.

I also have one of these.

One of these in red and 2 in aqua.

If you would like to order a poster (Wal-Mart has a good inexpensive frame that they fit in perfectly) just send me an email letting me know which one(s) you want - They are $15 a piece and that includes shipping. If you purchase more than one (I can get 3 in a box) we can do a combined shipping, which would bring each additional  price per poster down to $10 each. I will mail everything Saturday and it should arrive Monday or Tuesday of next week.  I will invoice you through Paypal once I get your order and we will go from there.

If you would like to do a custom bulk order let me know- the Live Brave posters make great teacher gifts!


Thanks to a yummy peppermint mocha from Sweet Man and lots of help from Wylie we did manage to get the majority of Christmas decorating finished last night. Hoping tonight is the last of the last of it. I want to enjoy it and move on to gift-making!


  1. I'm having withdrawals too!

  2. What fun and lovely things you both made to sell! I love those crochet bow headbands...just darling

  3. Do you sell these prints somewhere online?


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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