Friday, November 09, 2012

you see, i used to have babies

Sometimes I feel bad because my blog is not one thing. I feel like I am probably missing some great blog endorsement train because I can not settle on one topic or mood.

(circa 2007)

Sometimes my post about our life as a family. Sometimes its about what I am reading, watching, or listening too. Sometimes its about fashion, thrifting, decorating. Sometimes it's all crafting and cooking.  Sometimes it is all about faith. Sometimes it's about doubt.
Sometimes I just post instagram pictures and ramble on in generalities because life has not moved an appropriated blogging friendly pace.

Often I am brief and casual.   Occasionally I go deeper.

Always there are images.  Because I think best this way. Images and words together. Some people can choose between these things and focus. Not me. But I think it makes sense in a way. It's all about seeing. I see the words and I see the images.
This is why I would take reading a sermon, a lecture, a lesson,  any day over listening to one. I do not hear in the same way that I see.

Sometimes people ask me why I blog. Or why I have blogged for so long (almost 8 years!)
I blog for a lot of reasons.
One of them is so that I will remember in the way that will mean the most to me: Visually. Words and images together.

I will remember when I had babies.
I will remember the little boy in a  toggle jacket and cowboy boots he never took off seeing snow for the first time.

I will remember the little boy who always button his shirts to the very tippy top.
Who always traveled prepared- with stick, sword or plastic gun -just in case he encountered pirates.

Or rotten soldiers. 
Yes, you see. I used to have babies.
And because I have blogged the images and the words I can go visit those babies anytime I need to.

Especially when their tween-ness is in full display.

(circa 2009)

So I guess I will keep blogging about all of it, because I am really bad at compartmentalizing. To me it is all part of the whole.  And no endorsement train can replace what it means to me to have it all here together.  This is all my little life - jolly goode, jolly hard, jolly real, jolly wonderful - and I like it this way.

Have a good weekend friends.
(And keep bloggin!)


  1. You're blogging about life. All of it. No one has a specific topic and certainly we don't have one mood. Life has all of it. It's all over the place and that's how your blog should be. It's yours, yours to do whatever with. I love reading blogs that share everything about life!

  2. It is supremely awesome to dig through your own archives, isn't it? I never get tired of having that available to me.

    Also, the boys! Man, that seems like a long time ago.

  3. I love this! And I come back to your blog because it is so real. As a mom of 2 boys (who are still babies) I am always encouraged by your life. And your Pinterest page is my favorite place to go for eye candy and inspiration :)

  4. I finally found my niche and couldn't be happier because it really suits me. My boyfriend doesn't want his life, our life, written about on the internet (understandably) and I like helping others. It took me a long time to get it right (over two years!). And I'm super happy.

    Blogging is about what makes you happy. I'm glad you have that too.

  5. Your blog is uniquely YOU & I enjoy reading what you share here. To be able to express yourself freely and artistically, as you do, it truly wonderful. Rock on!

  6. Your blog is awesome--it's great just as it is. Reading it is like visiting a friend. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  7. I wish I had blogged when I had they're all grown up. But I have grandbabies. That's why I blog! :)
    I saw your hymnal garland on Pinterest and followed it to your glad I did!

  8. You are awesome. I was looking at my old posts the other day and almost started crying. They grow up too fast.


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