Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tuesday smiles-more than pretty pictures

OK so I confess that I totally stole this idea from Dawn Gahan.
It's a screen capture from the Google image search "Jerusalem Greer."

From now on, every time I start to feel sorry for myself, dissatisfied with my life, or in a hurry to get to the "next thing" on my big life to-do list, I am going to look at these pages. 

Scrolling through all the few images it is easy for me to see behind the pretty pictures at the record of  how my heart has been stubborn, broken and transformed, season after season. Behind all those images are stories; Of striving. Of surrendering. Of hoping. Of mourning. Of celebrating. Of going. Of staying. Of growing. 

I cannot help but be nostalgic, grateful and happy traveling through time this way.

I think Google should start an add campaign:
"Google Images + Your Name: It's like hindsight. Only prettier."


  1. It works if you have an unusual name. Don't try it if your name is something like Sarah E. White. Those half-naked pics are not of me :)

  2. Too funny, Sarah! I'm gonna try it now and see...my name is pretty weird.

  3. What a great way to cheer yourself right out of the blues : )


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