Friday, November 30, 2012

jolly goode giveaway week- day 5- accessorize it

I cannot believe we are already to the end of this great week! What fun it has been to be able to share all of these giveaways with you, and to be able to spotlight some of the very best non-profits out there. A great way to get us focused on what is truly important as we approach Advent.

Tomorrow Jeanetta and I will be peddling some of our crafty wares at the St. Peter's Christmas Market in Conway.  Between Thanksgiving, the broken foot and so many other twist and turns I didn't get nearly the stock made that I had hoped. But in all honestly, the whole thing is more about trying out new ideas and getting spend time my girl than anything else. We may even open a Bright Ridge CoOp Etsy store with our leftovers. ...You just never know!

But let's get to the fun stuff at hand - today's giveaways - 3 items in all! And some great discount specials as well!

First up: My sister Jemimah has donated a great thirty-one  Large Utility Tote (shown here in organic poppy.) One lucky winner can pick out their own pattern from the current catalog. This tote can carry up to 50 lbs and has an easy-to-clean interior. It is one of thirty-ones most popular totes. I have one myself that I LOVE. It holds so much stuff and is very sturdy.

Jemimah is also offering a discount to anyone wanting to order as well in the month of December. just use the code JOLLY in the title of the email/phone order to get 20% off your total order! 
You can contact her through her Facebook page, her thrity-one website or by email:

Next up is a fun t-shirt necklace in your choice of color.

I love these because they can be left long and funky or looped around for a more tailored look.

Jemimah is also offering 20% off everything in her Etsy shop. Just  use the code JOLLY20 when checking out. 

Jemimah and her husband Adam live in Billings Montana, which is too far away if you ask me. But it is closer than Germany which is where they lived for several years. My sister is amazingly talented - in addition to sewing and creating, she is also a wonderful photographer and hairstylist. I am really hoping they are coming home at Christmas this year. It is never the same without them. Also, I am feeling the need for some red or pink stripes in my hair...

Jemimah chose Operation Homefront as her favorite Non-Profit.
She says this "I love OH because even though their main goal is to help military members with financial assistance, they also support the family members with free events for spouses and children. While I was an Army Wife, I was able to attend a dinner for wives only, that had a motivational speaker, giveaways and a huge swag bag. They really try and take care of the entire family unit."

To learn more about Operation Homefront and see current needs-how you can donate, volunteer or connect military families you know who may need extra help-visit their website today and go "Like" them on Facebook.

Our final giveaway (sniff, sniff) is this great Arkansas necklace from E.Leighs shop here in Little Rock.
If you are an Arkansas native, live her currently or know someone who comes from the Natural State, then this is the perfect bauble for you to keep or give.

E. Leighs is my friend Erin Hohnbaum's dreamchild. Erin and I were co-workers when she quit her 9-5 job to give her heart and soul to starting this business (which I am sure is just the first of many for her.) Erin is as beautiful inside, as she is out and her enthusiasm for life and pursuing her dreams is absolutely infectious. You cannot help but believe anything is possible when you spend more than 5 minutes in her presence. In fact she is so darn cute that Miles was convinced for his entire kindergarten year  that he was going to marry her. I can't blame him.

Erin is a huge supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas. Their mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. Our Clubs provide diverse activities that meet the interests of all youth. Core Programs engage youth in activities with adults, peers and family members that enhance self-esteem and develop full potential. Based on physical, cultural, and social needs and interests of girls and boys, and using developmental principles, clubs offer program activities in five areas.  

To learn more about this great project that has captured Erin's heart, visit their Facebook page or website.

To enter to win these 3 lovely items - the tote, the t-shirt necklace and the Arkansas pendant (to keep or give as a gift) all you have to do is leave a comment  on this post telling me what you are looking forward to the most as we enter Advent and Christmas. The food? The gift making/giving? Visiting family? Decorating? When it's all over? Be honest, I am curious.
 Also make sure to leave me your email address somehow!

For  a second entry please go "like" Operation Homefront or the Boys & Girls Club on Facebook. (make sure to let me know you did!)

And if you feel up to a little more work, go on and "Like" my new Facebook Page or follow me on TwitterPinterest orInstagram and make sure to let me know you did. This will also help you stay connected to all the future Jolly Goode Giveaways and going-ons. 

And don't forget - you can still enter the other giveaways until Sunday night!

All Giveaway entries will be closed at 12 AM December 2.
I will be announcing all the winners for all the Giveways on December 4. 


  1. Visiting family is what I am looking forward to....

    And Operation Homefront liked as well as the Boys & Girls Club.

    I have loved the giveaways this week! Thank you so much!

  2. What a great bunch of stuff! I want to say that I'm looking forward to the long stretch of time my daughter is going to be out of school (19 days!), but I have to say I'm looking forward to it with a bit of dread, as a work-at-home mom. But I'm sure all the fun we'll have will make up for the work-time craziness. Happy holidays to you and yours, Jerusalem!

  3. I am looking forward to being with my Grandmother for one more Christmas season. Even though she might not make it all the way until Christmas Day, every day in December that she is here is one more chance to hold her sweet hand.

  4. Oh and I liked everything. And I think I follow you everywhere! :)

  5. Anonymous6:45 PM

    looking forward to celebrating with my new little family. :)

    katie.collins AT

  6. Anonymous6:46 PM

    and following on Instagram.

    katie.collins AT

  7. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I am looking forward to spending time with my children and teaching them what Christmas is truly about!

  8. i love giving gifts. i love finding things that i know others either really want or really need and getting them for them. it's so fun!

    i like both boys and girls club and operation homefront on facebook.

    and i follow you on instagram.

  9. Having just retired from 21 years in the AF, 17 years spent overseas, I am most looking forward to spending the holidays with family. This will be the first ever Christmas my kids have spent with any family other than their Dad and me.

  10. My email:

    P.S. We really miss Jemimah almost as much as you! Our hair just doesn't look as good as it did in Germany and I had to take my kids' pictures for Christmas this year. Yep, we really miss Jemimah. :/

  11. I love the lights. When it gets dark so early it really cheers me up to have the yard and house all funn of twinkle lights. It is so cozy!

  12. also I liked both Operation Home front and Boys and Girls club on facebook.

    I follow you everywhere except for instagram cause I just dont get that site! haha!

  13. Hey! I'm always looking forward to the food! :) AND a like you and follow you too. What fun giveaways!

  14. Michelle Foster1:55 PM

    I love the special times with family and friends during this season. I like and follow you on every site that I can, which I think you know already!

  15. The food the food! Awesome giveaway.

  16. I liked your new facebook page and am following on instagram.

  17. Hi Jerusalem! Oh, it's hard to pin down just one favorite aspect of this time of year. The baking, decorating and all around coziness of this month (with the woodstove burning and the glow from the Christmas tree lights) all delight me to no end. Thank you for this wonderful week of giveaways.

    Carolina Country Living

  18. Love giving gifts and spending time with people I love!

  19. This year I am most looking forward to being with my family and getting to be with my two nephews on Christmas morning. The older I get, the less it is about gifts for me, but giving to others.

  20. Julie Welch11:02 PM

    I am loving these give-aways! That 21 tote is my FAVE! I have one that I keep in my car front seat. All our stuff we need when we go out is in it, and we just pick it up to haul it back inside at the end of our trek. This definitely keeps the car clutter to a minimum!

    What am I looking forward to most? All the music and get-togethers!
    I just wish I could have my Zens together in HSVillage right now like old times. :)

  21. I am looking forward to our first Christmas at the farm. Hoping for a laid back, Christ-focused Advent.

  22. I just "liked" Operation Homefront on FB

  23. I "like" you on FB, too!


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