Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interwebs meet Hank, Hank meet the interwebs

This is Hank. He is my get-well present from my Sweet Man. I wove him. (That is love in toddler speak.) I am in a silly mood because of my two extra days of Thanksgiving break.
A main water line broke downtown today, causing flooding around our school and  damage to the streets. This means that there is no school or work for me and the boys until the Monday after Thanksgiving.
Do you have images of me doing the Wobble, cause that is how giddy I am.
Okay, well I can't do the Wobble thanks to El Broken Foot, but if I could, I would. I am that excited about the extra time off.

I am using the extra time off to tackle some projects that have been woefully neglected for quite a while. Like making more pompoms, and finally unpacking (with lots of help from the boys) all the boxes I packed when I thought we were moving. And catching up with my Gilmore Girl episodes on the DVR.

Hank found his home above our gi-normous television (a sweet gift from the in-laws) were he can show off holiday finery like pompoms for Thanksgiving. I had no idea what I was going to put in that space until he showed up. Thank you Hank! Thank you Sweet Man!

 Years ago, when we were working on a vacation condo project, my sister (and photographer) Jemimah taught me this fun little trick. When photographing a large black hole television, it will make the photo more interesting if there is something nifty on said black hole television. Black and White movies work well in more serious rooms and  old cartoons are fun if you are shooting a playroom.

I decided that nothing would look better for Hank's first photo shoot than an episode of Gilmore Girls.    The colors, the feel, the look of the show...they fit in perfectly with our home and decor.

I mean, Lauren Graham's lipstick is the same color as my curtains. Could it be anymore perfect?

In other news, my dining room chair idea flopped. So it is back to the drawing board for the end chairs (these are still under serious consideration.) But I am not fretting. I am on vacation after all.


  1. Jerusalem, I am longing to find a deer head. PLEASE tell me where this one is from and PLEASE tell me I can afford it.

  2. I just KNEW that we were kindred spirits. I am a Gilmore Girl fan from way back. On the Luke (not Christopher) team. I own all seasons. If you come up next week, I would be happy to let you borrow them. Just this morning Hays was walking through the house and said "Previously on Gilmore Girls" yes, I think they have heard that a few too many times.

  3. I was pretty much going to say what Jen said. :)


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