Thursday, November 01, 2012

Insta-Spooky - Brief Halloweenie Recap

It twas a dark and spooky night... And 42 of our closest friends came over to celebrate All Hallows Eve with us...It was such a fright!

Ok, well it wasn't really a fright. It was more like too much fun. And all those folks, well they didn't all come at once. There was some ebbing and flowing to the whole night. And the kids and many of the menfolk stayed outside for most of the night.

Because of how our house is laid out, almost no one hangs in the living room. Most of the action happens in the kitchen, dining room and out around the fire pit. Still, I (with lots of help, I mostly pointed) had to deck out the mantle. For Poe's sake.

Because I am quite hobbled still, I was very grateful for so much help this year! Lilly, Shannon, Jess, Michelle, Kim (aka Snow White,) Lane (aka 80's girl)... So many people pitched in and helped pull off this party from beginning to end. And oh the food. I must have the recipes for Melissa's salsa  and Sunny's pumpkin chocolate bars, and I wasn't too sad to see that the leftover cheese balls ended up in my fridge. I just love finger food the most.

Because I stayed fairly stationary this year I missed getting pictures of a lot of things. There was no group shot of all the kids (and we had a baby Nacho Libre this year!) and I didn't get one single pic of my kids in their costumes. We may have to have a do-over day this weekend just so I can record their awesomeness. I did think to send my phone out with Lilly during the dunking for apples.  This one of Miles is so fun. That kid loves water soooo much that he can dunk all night.

 It was such a great night and I am sure I over did it some (a lot,)  but it was well worth it. I love my friends and I love carrying this tradition on another year. It is one of my most very favorite nights of the year.
Just, please don't tell my doctor.

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  1. Wish I had been one of those friends. What fun!


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