Thursday, November 08, 2012

I love you but you don't know what you are talking about

There is only so much you can do when you have a broken foot. Only so many place you can go without it being an ordeal. Only so much hobbling around you can take. So entertainment found at home starts to become very important.

Saturday we had some of our besties, Amy and Jeff, over for a movie. We all crashed on the Goodwill sectional and enjoyed one of my new favorites : Moonrise Kingdom. 

I am a Wes Anderson fan- Royal Tenenbaums also an all time fav- and he did not disappoint Moonrise Kingdom. One reason I am a Wes fan is because of his art direction - all of his films have a very particular look- as if the whole movie is taking place inside a Polaroid picture. 
We had not even made it past the opening credits before I was declaring that I wanted to move into the set of Moonrise Kingdom yesterday. 

You will have to watch the movie to get the whole effect, but if you search "Moonrise Kingdom" on Pinterest what you will find is a slew of movie posters designed by fans, all completely wonderful, magical and perfect tributes to the films look, feel and story. The fact that so many artist have been inspired to create posters speaks to how stylized and beautiful this movie is.  The ones shown here are my favorites. Now I just have to figure out which one I buy and frame. Cause one of these belongs in my house.

 (To see the sources just click the pictures)

Just for kicks I thought I would make a "living in" collage inspired by the movie. Do not be surprised if you come to visit and you find some of these items spread throughout my house (especially that Owl lamp... Oh Santa Baby...)   

For the source click the links below:

 PS - Say a prayer for me friends, cause I have at least another week and half hobbling around in this boot with crutches and the novelty has worn smooth off. Please pray that it is healing well and that I have a good attitude and not a grouchy one. 


  1. Hang in there! Broken bones suck. So hard.

    Owls are taking over, slowly. I predict it'll be the new "put a bird on it" trend this year.

  2. Super duper fun stuff! I love it all. Must check out the flick.

    Prayers and a hug to you, J!

  3. Just saw the movie. love it. On my ipad at least, clicking the poster doesn't take me to the source. :(

  4. the girl in the lighthouse... And the one with all the camping stuff :)

    Hope your foot is good now & you're back up & around & making things lovely :)


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