Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy Friday, Welcome November and a Poll

So the bad news first: due to a little snag (aka broken foot) I have been a little slower getting the breakfast nook make-over finished than I had originally planned. I have started painting the stools and it is going well, the only modification I see is that I will need to spray them hardcore with a glossy clear coat. The paint is more matte than I expected and for the kitchen I think a glossy finish will wear better over the long term.

Now for the good news:   I am extending the My Color paints inspired by Pantone give-away another week while I finish up! So make sure you go back and enter!

And speaking of giveaways, I am plotting some pretty great ones for later this month, but I have a few questions about how I should do it.  Please go to my new "official" Facebeook page, like me (if you please) and tell me your opinion about giveaways.

Are you glad it is November? I am so excited to be heading into the holidays.  I am ready to get into the Christmastide groove. And yes, the rumors are true. E News got it right for once. I will be putting on the Christmas tunes and movies very soon. because  Jeanetta and I are coming out of craft fair retirement for one day only and I have to get my craft on asap! (Could you tell I just said that in my best Oprah voice?)

We will be selling our crafty and thrifty wares at the St. Peters Craft Market in Conway, Arkansas on December 1. If you live local please come see us and all our crafty goodies. I hear that Jeanetta may even have some of her famous aprons for sale, and I may just break out a banner or two....

Happy Friday friends! 

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  1. Sorry about your foot. Hope you are fully healed soon.


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