Tuesday, October 30, 2012

this and that for Tuesdays Smiles

Just some random bits today. I am off to the doctor later today to get a progress report on the foot and an update on the other funky stuff happening. I just thought I would share a pic from before the Bench Attack as it shall forever be known. 

 The boys got eye check-ups and new specs. Miles had me take his picture with his 3 favorite pairs so that he could make the most informed decision. He slays me with his whit and peculiarities.  These were the winning pair and they mostly live on the edge of his nose.

Last Wednesday I got to help chaperon a field trip to the Clinton Library where I got to see the actual 19th Amendment in person.
I cannot imagine living in a world where I had no voice of consequence.

Speaking of ladies. This is our newest addition. Rosie is her name and finding bugs is her game. Jeanetta says that we are running a Hen Rescue Home as we seem to take in picked on, lonesome or abandoned girls. 

Tomorrow is the the big Hallow's Eve and there is still lots to do in my hobbled condition, so I will leave you with some of my favorite things around the interwebs these days:

Edie is talking about what I have been thinking about.... Margin, Listening, Hospitality

I am dying to try this Cheesy Pumpkin Pie

Have you met Amelia? I am so happy for Alicia and Andy Paulson and their new little bundle. I get teary every time I read one of Posey's post.

I am dying to go to Meg's Craft House. If I threw a party there would you all come?

Have you downloaded the new Cartolina app Mailroom? So cute! I am a sucker for this sort of adorable techy stuff.


  1. The girls were really happy to see the picture of Rosie- Thanks :) We all agree that she looks very happy.

  2. I love that. I see him becoming a future version of my boyfriend, who is so specific about EVERYTHING. We can no longer use the sheets I bought when we were in college for my apartment because they are "too itchy" and only percale weave will do (seriously, boyfriend, why the expensive and hard to find taste?!)

  3. I said you were running a Halfway House for Hens. The alliteration makes it better.

  4. I hope it was good news at the doctor!

    Alicia's blog was one of the first I ever read and remains one of my very faves today. I was over the moon with happiness for their family.

    P.S. I think your little boy and my little girl would be great friends.


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