Saturday, October 13, 2012

queen of the magpies

This is how it all started.

With an old chair

And all of bits of yarn and lace and trim I had stashed away for a someday project.

Well, someday showed up.

A chair fit for the Queen of the Magpies.

Adorned with all her favorite bits and baubles.

The chair was auctioned off at a benefit for  Faulkner County CASA 

I was proud of how it came out 

I sorda hated to let it go

But it was for a good cause

And I suppose if I wanted I could make another one 

But I doubt I will. At least not anytime soon.

It was no small task.

I just sorda figured it out as I went along.
Kinda like my life.

 Colorful. Scrappy. Pieced together. Odds and ends. Unfinished edges. Found bits. Messy. Unexpected. Lovely just the same.


  1. This may be the most spectacular thing I' ve ever seen. If you decide to make more, I know what will be topping my Christmas! Love it!

  2. I love it! You really should make another one just for yourself. Maybe a good winter project after the holidays? Go for it!

  3. I am sure a lot of time went into this!! So clever and unique - and a great way to clean out the scrap bins!! Well done!

  4. Sweetest chair ever. Bet it made lots of money. Love your creativity.

  5. This chair makes me all kinds of happy!!!


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