Friday, October 26, 2012

One More Boot Post

But this time there is no giveaway.
Because really you do not want this sort of boot.
The kind you wear when you broke 3 bones in your foot trying to clean your house.
Shoulda stayed on Pinterest, but no, I wanted to straighten the house.
That will teach me.
I am starting a new workout movement called Break Dancing: Cardio on Crutches.
Um yeah.
So that is how I am starting my weekend. How bout you?

(isn't this the silliest thing ever??)


  1. Oh, dear, you are having quite the fall, aren't you? (Too bad a pun? ;)) Take it easy!

  2. Brigett C.11:31 PM

    Bless your heart. I broke bones in the top of my foot by dropping an antique box spring on took about a year for my foot to get back to normal...hopefully yours heals super have too much going on to have to be hobbling around everywhere!! STUPID HOUSEWORK!! Take it easy J, I'll be praying for ya!

  3. That is so uncanny ... this week on the very day I decided to spring clean (Australia so w're in spring now) I carried a basket of clothes to the washing line and stubbed my toe on the brick step ........ not broken but seriously injured and purple bruising all down my foot.

    The moral of the story has got to be don't do the housework :-)

    Hope your foot heals quickly

  4. Oh no! So sorry. I can understand the stupidity though. I dislocated my shoulder reading in bed. Really dumb.

  5. I know first hand the pain you're in. Went through it just 2 years ago and it's a tough slog to be bed ridden and/or crutch dependent. Good luck and fast healing to you.

  6. Well that just stinks! Take care and feel better soon.


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