Monday, October 08, 2012

make do {and make lovely} monday - what I did on my couch rest

I spent the majority of my weekend on self-imposed couch rest. It was blissful despite my cold. I had Maizy and  Anna Quindlen and Kathleen Norris to keep me company. 

This was my view from my snuggled down place. We lit the fire because the temps fell to winter lows. It was often rainy, gray and cold. I felt like I was living in Juneau again. I kinda really loved it.

In between visiting with Anna and Kathleen I flipped through my well loved copy of Farm Anatomy thinking about to make the most of our city lot. I am in love with these Bean TeePees. Aren't they the cutest? I think these are a must for our urban cottage garden. 

Yesterday I tweeted something that made my mother reply "you still want that dadgum farm!" And I had to giggle a little.  The truth is, yes, yes I do. Sweet Man and I both do, despite our best efforts to convince ourselves otherwise. But something shifted inside me a little this weekend about it all. Maybe, as my friend Jeanetta said, the answer isn't "not at all" but instead is "not right now" or perhaps "not like this."  
So for today, we are doing a little better at settling back in right where we began. Dreaming of building bean tee pee's, planting peach trees and staking white picket fences around our lovely city lot. Making do - and making lovely - right where we are.


  1. Maizy looks happy to snuggle with you. And who says you can't have a bean teepee where you are now?! Keep dreaming and I am sure, you and sweet man will be on a farm of your making. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  2. i am in the same boat as you! we were so close to moving to texas this past summer (applying for jobs and all) and it didn't work out. i crave a small can even still be here in arizona, i LOVE flagstaff! but god has called my family here in the heart (not even the suburbs) of phoenix. i pray for contentment and try to appreciate my life here....but i do long for the country (trying to turn that longing for christ rather than land). we can make the most of our "city lot" together!


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