Monday, October 15, 2012

make do (and make lovely) - fall themed mantle

Things around here are slowly coming back together. After a week in bed with a nasty something or another I am finally upright and back at it.

Today I threw together a quick fall themed mantle out of what I had on hand. It will probably change again soon, or whenever I get the Rubbermaid bin of fall decor out of the attic. Right now just getting the laundry done is taking center stage.

For the mantle I used a honeycomb pumpkin from the Dollar Tree, a length of ribbon from my banner making days, clothes pins and some vintage flashcards.
 I also gathered some leaves and berries and threw them up there as well. Those won't last long, but I do love to see the leaves changes.

I have a whole box of these flashcards which I think were used for a type of speech therapy - getting kids to say the name of the thing correctly.
I pulled out all the autumn themed ones I could find to string up.  I still have a few more that I want to find a home for, and if we get our huge chalkboard hung up over the couch maybe I will hang them all there together.

We have used the fireplace twice already. I painted the brick surround a light green, but I might change that up soon. Or maybe later, on a good frosty snow day in January. I really hope we get a REAL winter this year, especially after our long dry hot summer.

This week I am linking up with the gals from Arkansas Women's Bloggers.
Not sure if I will be able to keep up with the themes or the pace, but I will try.


  1. What a charming home! I want to visit you there, ha! Really, it's beautiful. Love the simplicity of what you put together.

  2. You have 101 uses for flashcards, I swear.

  3. Very nice! Cool flash cards!

  4. cute the flashcards! great idea!! i love your home...

  5. Sorry, I didn't notice your flash cards at first. I was busy drooling over your MAP! I want one of those sooo bad. I'm not coveting. I would love for you to have TWO of them, as long as I could have one too!

  6. It's perfect! It's my exact idea of a perfect mantle for Fall.


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