Thursday, October 11, 2012

kitchen style board

Back in January, when we were hoping to move to the little farm house,  I created style-boards for each room. The little house was going to need a lot of work to make it work for our family but I was excited by the challenge. I started cruising Craigslist with regularity and gathering items at great deals (faucets, sinks, stools..) for the kitchen and bathroom.
But even as I bought items for the farmhouse, I always kept in the back of my mind the idea that I might need to use these items at this house instead. See our kitchen here needs some TLC as well. Nothing has been updated (with the exception of the dishwasher) in decades, and giving our kitchen a full scale remodel has long been on our list. Since I have already bought several items, we are hoping to be able to go ahead and give the space a face-lift sometime in 2013.

Here is my  inspiration board:

Pulls ; Sink-vintage; Faucet; Curtain Fabric; Oven - vintage; Flooring - white washed wood; Rugs; Lighting; Bottom cabinet paint color; Backsplash tile; School Stool;

We have a natural wood island similar to the one in my style board, but I am hoping to do something fun to it to make it stand out. Not sure if I will go with blue or if I will choose another color - maybe a yellow or green? But I know that we will want to put casters on it, and I love the distressed look of this one.
I am in love with these white wood grain  counter-tops. They are apparently from Ikea, but I cannot find them on their website anywhere. Have they been discontinued? Did I miss my window?


I also love these wall tiles from Lowes for our backsplash.
I don't know if I will be bold enough to go with a color, but maybe. You just never know..


  1. What needs to happen first? Let's make a list and knock out the cheap stuff. Looks fabulous and I can't wait till we both have our dream kitchens :)

  2. Well I'm totally inspired by your board and looking forward to seeing what you do!

  3. Love your style board! Looks kinda similar to mine!

  4. ooooh! all of this is so beautiful!
    i love it!

  5. Very inspiring. I can;t wait to see how you make do with that stuffs. I'm sure it will be quite a transformation.
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  7. Oh, are you going to paint cabinets with chalk paint, or is that just the color you like? I have honestly been trying to figure out if I could paint my wood cabinets with chalk paint. They are 30 year old real wood cabinets with lots of character *aka* dings/scratches and I don't think that a "clean" paint job would do much good for them. Replacing is not an option, we rent from a family member!

    Great style board, love it! Just found your blog, am probably going to come back later a pin a bunch of stuff. :)


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