Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boot Stompin, Boot Scootin, Boot Winner

So it is time to draw a winner from my "I married them in boots" giveaway!
Drawing a winner is SO unnerving.
I want everyone to win.

I mean who wouldn't want $150 to spend at
I want to be like Oprah,  "Boots for EVERYONE!
Maybe someday.
For now though, one winner.

 So are you ready?? Take a deep breathe.
Here we go!

Congrats to Smallgood who said "This laid back kind of wedding is so my style." 

I hope you love your boots as much as I love mine! (Which I wear everywhere btw.)

And I have to give one more huge Thank You to the fab folks at Country Outfitter for allowing me to test drive the Ramblers and for sponsoring this giveaway. Getting to participate in these sorts of things is one of the more magical and fun parts of blogging, and I always feel a little bit like the wallflower finally being picked to dance.

Thanks to everyone who came by the blog and entered, I really love having you all here.

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  1. What?! Awesome. Best news to get on a Friday. I'm going to have a hard time picking out a pair.


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