Friday, September 14, 2012

you know it's time to chillax when...

You are missing your laundry line.

I have been running on fumes for about five days. I can feel my little engine about to putter out.
It is time to visit the laundry line
It's time to go slow, recharge, not rush, do the small things. 

Fall is almost here. I can see it approaching.  I might even decorate my mantle fallish this weekend. Start a fall garden. Dig out my sweaters.

Or I might just hang some laundry out on the line....


  1. Ooo that looks wonderful. You've inspired me to slw down in a couple areas too...

  2. My laundry line is my refuge (besides God, except I take him to the line also)...along with my aprons. It was so refreshing to see someone else who looks at a clothesline as something besides drying clothes. No matter what is going on, if I find something to wash and after I hang it out...well, I'm sure that there is hope once again. xo

  3. Such a pretty laundry line .... beautiful picture


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