Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what I wore wednesday- book lady

The way I figure it, every now and then it couldn't hurt to jump on a band wagon and play well with others. So today I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy's "what I wore wednesday" blog-along.
Now, don't judge the picture too harshly. My 12 year old boy took it, and trust me, there were much more interesting things to do than make his momma look good for the interwebs. I think I look like I am waiting to be beemed up by Scotty.

In this pic:
Target knit cardigan (bought on clearance years ago.)
Old Navy T-shirt
Wal-Mart denim skirt, at least a decade old
Target socks- end of season last year
Rambler Ariat Boots (look for a Country Outfitters giveaway coming soon...)
Bracelet- Vintage, a gift from a friend
Locket-thrift store

We took the pictures in my office/room at school.  I thought it might be fun to show off a little bit of my weekday daytime life, where I am known as the "Bookroom Lady" and "Mrs. Greer." 
A co-worker took this pic and it is much better don't you think? 

In this pic:
Target jacket from years ago
Gray Wal-Mart tank
Green cord skirt fromSavers (St. Johns brand I think.)
Necklace- Dollar Jewelry Galore
Shoes-TJ Maxx
Coffee Cup- P. Allen Smith

So there you have it. A little glimpse at what I wore recently and where I spend a good chunk of my day.

If you read my post yesterday and didn't feel too much annoyance for my self-indulgent pity party I would like to say a huge thank you for sticking with me and I would also like to say thank you bunches if you sent up any sort of little prayer or gentle kick in the pants on my behalf. This blogging thing can be tricky because I never know how my story is going to hit someone else - it might resonate or it might irritate, and often it might do both. So thank you for letting me share the silly (what I wore..) and the messy (foot stamping) and whatever you find lovely around these parts. I really do appreciate you.


  1. You're too cute for your own good sometimes! How was Scotty? ;)

  2. You're looking pretty adorable, book room lady! If I did WIWW, it would be pretty much a wash of exercise wear and scuffed up trainers. I'll live vicariously, m'kay?

  3. Honest to goodness you could not be more adorable!!!

  4. Brigett C.10:25 PM

    You look gorgeous in both pics!! We need to see you more often!!

  5. Don't you just LOVE being called the book lady? That library space looks almost as welcoming as YOU do!

    And about sharing your 'bad' day, I prefer to read blogs by real people and its perfectly normal to grieve the loss of that particular dream.


  6. You made the perfect choice and that's such a great match. It's so cute, I can't wait to get Gray Tank, Its first on my list but I think target jacket won't be far behind:)

  7. You are a cutie and you seriously have the most gorgeous smile!

  8. Such cute outfits! So much fun. And LOL at your kid, mine are the same way...


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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