Tuesday, September 04, 2012

tuesday smiles- plotting

First let me say a huge Howdy Y'all! to everyone who has skipped on over her from House of Turquoise! What a lovely surprise this has been to find so many lovely readers visiting me today. I wish I could offer each of you a pink fizzy beverage, a piece of pie of some sort and get to know you better.

So this whole "gonna stay here" thing has really begun to sink in and I am in heaving plotting mode.
New kitchen cabinets, new stove/oven, should we downsize to a queen size bed now that the kids are bigger and no longer hanging out in here as much? How much of the porch should we close in? Can we get a half-bath in the laundry room? A full bath if we get stackables? Hmmm...

So here is where you my friends come in: Have you remodeled a kitchen? Added a bath? Downsized your bed? Bought a restored vintage gas oven?

Help me  - this is your chance. Give me the great, the bad, the wonderful, the ugly. Give me all your tips and advice. Home Depot? Craigslist? Ikea? I have a few months to build my wishlist and make plans, but I don't want to waste vital Pinterest energy on bad ideas that I will later toss out. Also, I would like to stay married, so any tips on surviving major remodeling are welcome to.

Ready? Set. GO! (And thanks. You know I love you all, right?)


  1. Do not buy butcher block countertops. Otherwise our Ike's kitchen was cheap, easy to plan, easy to install and holding up well.

  2. Hop over and see Susan
    Branch's wonderful old kitchen in Martha's Vineyard--which is currently being remodeled. She has a vintage gas stove to die for! www.susanbranch.com

  3. I have a vintage gas stove sitting in a bedroom...Magic Chef.
    Also a really cool sink- You could add a master bath really easy in your place- not a big one but it wouldn't cost much.

  4. We remodeled our kitchen last summer. Because we did the work ourselves, it took from Easter to Thanksgiving! It is a nerve tester, but all worth it. If you wait until around Easter, Sears offers wall ovens at 1/2 price. This is what actually finally got us moving. I was able to get a double wall oven for a fantastic price and then spent the difference on my dream gas cooktop. We also used tongue and groove for the ceilings, which I have not regretted for one minute. They were a pain to paint (oil-based) and installed, but really add to the vintage feel. I don't think you are too far from Memphis?? If not, I purchased our lighting from Pottery Barn outlet. Again, have loved it and it was great pricing. They can also be a good source for bath fixtures if you are patient. We are preparing to tackle the bathroom soon...as soon as I get the nerve and money! :-) Best wishes!

  5. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I blog hopped from house of turquoise. :)

    And it looks like we are in the same home state. Bookmarking!


  6. Brigett C.8:51 AM

    I hope you have better luck with your remodel ideas that we have. We are in the process of tearing floors out and turning master bath into bedroom for our little girl, okay, the floor has been out since LAST November, now the hall and kitchen floors are caving!! We will probably be living in tents in the front yard before its over!! LOL!! Honey, I hope you both have a very good sense of humor, cuz you will definitely need it! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! Oh, the joys of being a homeowner!!


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