Tuesday, September 11, 2012

tuesday smiles- i have that colorful feeling

Now that we are staying put I am ready to put my stamp back on a few rooms. The living room needs a new color. I want to stay in the same family I am in, but maybe slightly gray-er or more muted? I think the above color looks lovely.

I bought a new/old couch over the weekend. It's a sectional and it is a mellow yellow. I love it. It is huge - but not too huge. It is so comfy and the perfect snuggle zone for our familia. But it did force some rearranging, and now I want to paint more than ever.

Anyway, I am scouting color combos and inspirations for all my projects.

On the short term to-paint list are the following:
Top of dining room walls
Dining Room Chairs
Living room walls
Kitchen stools
Bottom cabinets
Bedside table
Lamp base

I am thinking a painting party may be in order. Everyone bring their favorite cocktail, a tester or spray paint can in their favorite hue and small to medium projects they want to knock out. How fun would that be?

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  1. All of those colors are scrumptious, I am partial to the Silly Fizzle color names Merry Cranesbill and Mustard Addicted!

    A painting party does sound like fun & we've all got 1 or 2 items around that NEED a bit of spiffy spritzing, right?

    Happy Wednesday, Donna


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