Saturday, September 29, 2012


Today is my birthday.
38 years on this old planet.
Last night I helped officiate the wedding of one of my very best friends on this planet.
I also decorated for the reception.
Sweet Man played at the ceremony and his band played the reception, a rooftop party under a cloudy-but not- rainy midnight sky.
Tonight he has another gig and I will celebrate my birthday with nearest and dearest friends.
And then tomorrow, we rest.
Monday it is back to school and work and routine.
I can't say that I am that sad about it. 
This week was a lovely -and much needed break from the norm,
 but in my old age, I have to say there is something lovely and reassuring about having a routine to hold us all in place.

I have lots and lots of post and pictures and stories to tell you about our week and the wedding.
But first, I must rest. 

See you soon friends.


  1. Happy Birthday Jerusalem!! God bless you and your lovely family. Hope you are having a happy weekend!
    Mary Beth

  2. Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Hope you enjoy celebrating all that is YOU. xoxo Lidy

  3. Happy, happy Birthday, Jerusalem.

  4. Brigett C.9:19 AM

    Hope you are enjoying your birthday weekend sweetie. It's always good when you get to see another birthday go by!! God is GREAT!! xo


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