Monday, September 24, 2012

make do {and make lovely} monday - sweetness

 This week, week of our long anticipated Fall Break, I have plans to bake some delicious pastries from scratch. But last week I cheated and used a box mix. Of course I replaced the oil with butter and the water with milk. So that only makes it partially cheating right?

So I will not be ashamed of my pumpkin bread by way of mix. Cause it was still yummy. Especially when it was warm.

Miles helped me make the bread and then he helped me show off it's yumminess.

In his own special way.

And then he helped me eat it. 

I have some plans for this week. 

But I am trying to hold them lightly. To not put too much stock in MY agenda. 

 And instead savor the sweetness in my life, however it comes to me.


  1. I think you have the perfect plan for your week. I hope you are relishing every moment.

  2. Brigett C.12:13 PM

    Looks delish. And of course the handsome blue eyed freckled lad you have helping you totally sells it for ya. :) Pumpkin bread...yuuuuummmmm!! Have a beautiful week!


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