Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goodwill Finding

Today I could blog about my yesterday. About the dog peeing a gallon on the hardwoods, about Sweet Man's emergency root canal, about getting a headache again and then suddenly realizing I had not taken my Zoloft in at least 4 days or about how when the boys and I finally left school, voila! my car battery was dead.
I could blog about all of that, or I could blog about my new Goodwill couch.

Couch you say? Deal.

If you have been around this blog for a while you know about my couch issues. I have been on the search for years for THE COUCH for years. Blogging about my couch issues could have been a blog all it's own.  But despite my search I could never quite find the right one for the right price at the right time. And so for a while now my couch craving laid dormant.

And then this summer my in laws bought us a ginormous television for our birthdays. And then we decided not to sell our house. And suddenly my passionate search for the perfect, cottagey, ultra comfy and adorable couch was re-ignited.  It seemed to make sense that if we were  going to have this huge television,  it would be nice to have a comfy, loungey place to watch it all together.  So for a month or more I have been trawling Craigslist till my eyes crossed. I have been visiting daily wondering if I will ever get Sweet Man there with a truck large enough to bring back a sofa. But honestly I didn't hold out much hope that I would find the right couch for the right price in the right location anytime soon. 

And then I stumbled upon this buttery concoction, quite by accident,  at a Goodwill store this weekend. The price? $60. I bought it on the spot. People, that is just crazy talk. Of course I smelled it first. And then I sat, laid and plunked down it several time, giving it the boy test.  I texted Sweet Man a picture, then  walked ran to the checkout counter to stake my claim (yes, I felt a little bit like Nicole Kidman in that movie where she goes west with Tom Cruise and they both have funny not-real Irish accents) before someone else could discover this diamond in the rough.

 We brought the couch home Sunday, but it wasn't till  yesterday that I got the living room set. After the pee and the dead battery and the tooth surgery, I called a time-out on the chaos and  I set about fluffing my nest. I  rearranged until all my favorite pieces fit  (btw - how great is it to now have a kid big enough to help me move furniture??? Suddenly those 24 hours of labor have paid off!)  And it is even more perfect  than I could have dreamed.

 Now we all want to be in the living room all the time.  There is room for the four us to be napping and studying and blogging all at the same time. Or snuggling (which is a favorite family past time at Greer Casa) and movie watching.  And even though I will probably have a slipcover made for it way on down the road (because slipcovers can go in the washing machine)  for now, this mellow yellow herringbone blends right in with our shabby schoolhouse vibe.

So thank you family who donated your sofa to Goodwill. We hope you love your new sofa as much as we love your old one!


  1. That was one doosie of a find! It's perfect in your room.

  2. Okay, so that is the most fabulous couch, ever. I LOVE IT! Your room is decorated so beautifully too! It all looks soooo great. So glad you took time out of your crummy day to arrange and fluff. Ü

  3. I am so unbelievably jealous! I, too, have been on the hunt for the perfect couch. It looks amazing! As if it was made just for that spot!!

    Awesome find! :)

  4. Julie2:56 PM

    Wowee! What a score! I wish the folks that price things at your Goodwill worked at ours! :) Congrats, and I'm glad your otherwise string of sad events were punctuated with this beautiful sofa find! (Had to smile about the sniffing, 'cause that was the first thing I thought about.)

  5. WOW!! It is beautiful and meant to be! I am also in love with your couch! It could not be more perfect.

    Love your blog!

  6. I have never seen anything that nice at a thrift store!

    Your lucky day, for sure.....

  7. Good for you! It looks fabulous in your room and the boys seem to have "claimed their seats" already - enjoy!

  8. Love that couch! It seems perfect!

  9. You should win a best find award! As the woman who could co-author a sofa blog with you, I must follow your blog.

    You have yours, but I still have a hand me down floral which is now covered with a throw. The throw is always hanging off, although that look isn't much worse than when it is covering.

    I dream of my husband, a truck, and IKEA. See, so much in common. Enjoy your lovely sofa. I shall sit here in envy.

  10. Brigett C.9:26 AM

    I can't believe you found THE SECTIONAL that I've been looking for!! Okay girl, I gotta know which ones you shop at, because I'm hitting the wrong ones!! And the table you found not too long ago is perfect for the back of the sofa. Sigh........

  11. Yay for such an awesome gift from Jesus! I'm doing the happy dance for you. Once again I wish we lived close so we could leave all our men behind and junk hunt together. Wouldn't that be a dream?

  12. After your most horrible day, a sweet couch is the least you deserve. I like your cosy living room with the new finds in it. Looks like a real homey home.


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