Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wordy wednesday - pieces and the whole

I read these verses this morning in The Message. They resonate so deeply with me because today I am filled with both songs of thank you, thank you, thank you, and prayers of help, help, help.   For myself, but mostly for others.

I am praying for the family who are fighting for the child they have cared for in their home for over two years, that he would be able to join their family forever.
I am praying for the mother who is working towards getting family housing for her and her daughter. That they can once again have a home of their own. That they can settle into a safe life.
I am praying for the child who is being admitted into in-patient treatment today. I am praying for her parents, her siblings, her heart. 
I am praying for the blended family trying to find their footing.  That they will find trust, grace and tenderness with each other.

I am celebrating with the couple who has found hope, love and joy in their new life together. For the healing that has come out of literal rubble. 
I am celebrating with the teacher who found a new job and for the new lives she will be able to impact. For her new beginning. 
I am celebrating with the family who sold their house when they least expected it, who now get to travel a new and unexpected adventure.
I am celebrating quiet moments with friends over warm bowls of curry, a weekend away in the Ozarks and a home I love.

All of this is happening in the same week, the same day, the same hour.  All of the tears and the joy are both the pieces and the whole. They are the crust and the filling.  They are the broken bones and the foot-tapping tunes and they cannot be separated from each other. They are all part of the same.
 Today I needed these words to remind me of that.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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