Thursday, August 16, 2012

things I am doing on this thursday

Today I am hanging out over at the At Home in Arkansas Blog . If you can, come join me and check out some of my favorite reading-inspired ideas for a book lovers wedding. I think I need to throw a bookish party of some sort just to get to use all of these ideas. I am especially in love with these hanging books, and the book page pompoms.

I will also being trying to line up a babysitter for Saturday night so I can go to the Field Hands  concert this Saturday. Sweet Man will be playing in two of the bands and I have serious plans to be shaking my groove thing around 9PM. The proceeds are going to The Field so you can understand why I think you should all come out and shake your groove thing as well. 

I will also probably be hanging out a bit on Pinterest later today, adding to my Octoberfest board. Recent coolish temps around these parts have stirred a deep longing my bones for all things Fall related. I am ready to cook pies, burn pumpkin spice candles, wear plaid flannel and plan a huge harvestfest-esqu hoopla in my backyard. If you are as lonesome for fall as I am, fill free to join me. I would love to know what is on your fall-to-do list as well.

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