Monday, August 06, 2012

make do { and make lovely } mondays -12

Happy Monday friends! How are you? Was your weekend a good one? A busy one? A relaxing one? Ours was good, busy and relaxing at various intervals.
The primary focus was Wylie's 12th birthday party Saturday night.

The theme was loosely "Legos," which influenced the color scheme and the party favors (Lego folders, stickers and pencils along with candy. You can never go wrong with candy.) I say "loosely" because with 12 year old boys there really isn't a real theme unless Pizza, Bodily Function Jokes and more Pizza can be counted as a "theme."

Wylie requested his favorite vanilla bean "Chino Cupcakes" made by the very fabulous Alison Chino so I called Alison up, ordered a dozen and threw together a quick cupcake stand using an upside down pedestal and the top of a lego box.

Can we just pause for a moment and soak in the wonderfully yummyness of these cupcakes?
Seriously. This icing is thick, creamy and full of vanilla bean goodness.  

Alison's baking prowess has reached legendary status at our school. Whenever word gets out that there are Chino Cookies or Chino Cupcakes on the premise, there is almost a stampede to the workroom. 
They are that good.


Okay, back to the party. We put 12 candles on 6 cupcakes and the boy made his big wishes.
I remember 12 so well, almost as if it was yesterday. So many things began then, who I am so influenced by that year.  I wonder if it will be that way for Wylie.

After the cupcakes and ice cream there were the gifts, then more jokes, movie time, Lego building, some sort of battle in the front yard and popcorn shoveling. It was a successful evening of celebrating Wylie and all things him.  

Today my first baby is 12 years old. 12 years I have known him, loved him, marveled at him, been confounded by him. He made me a momma and turned my world upside down. I am so grateful for this amazingly smart, funny, tenderhearted, & creative boy.

Happy Birthday Wylie, I love you!


  1. love the cupcake tray...(LEGOS) cute. Happy birthday to your boy. Oh how they quickly grow up huh? I have been sick over the weekend...but persistant on getting better. My girl is turning 12 tomorrow...we got celebrating to do. Have a great week. Mica @ The Child's Paper

  2. everything looks wonderful! what a sweet sentiment to your son as well :)

  3. Yummers. I like that we seem to share similar philosophies in party making: keep it simple and fun. Twelve is such a big year! My guy will turn twelve in five months. That's kind of daunting! Happy Birthday, Wylie!


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