Friday, August 17, 2012

hanging up

Recently our one towel bar took a dive thanks to the help of a very strong little boy who wanted to practice his gymnastic skills.
Because there are four of us, and there was only one bar, I wasn't terribly sad to see it meet it's final end. But I also wasn't about to shell out $20 plus for one bar that would only hold one towel.

So I got creative. One piece of wood remenant, 2 cans of spray paint, 4 thrift store door knobs and one handy husband later, voila! Our new towel(s) rack.

Now we can dry 4 towels at once. All for under $10.

Take that overpriced single towel bar makers.
Oh yeah.


  1. Love it! What an extraordinary "towel bar." Much more whimsy here than a regular old bar!!

  2. How cheerful and resourceful!

  3. oh hell yeah. Totally my kind of project....obv ;)

    During our property distribution, I kept several pieces of reclaimed wood (bwahahaha....shhhh!) from when Adam was on his construction-site-diving kick (similar to dumpster diving, but less smelly) for usable scrap wood that he'd build all kinds of cool stuff with.

    Anyway, a couple of those scrap wood pieces have random hooks or hangers attached for a more "me" way to hang my crap :)

    See? Me & you? Bosom friends :)


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