Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tuesdays smiles- a pirates life

8 years ago me and one of my very besties gave birth to boys. Two days apart, same hospital. I walked to her room from mine to meet her sweet baby boy and vice versa. It was one of those kismet things that you can only hope for but never plan.

Now those babies are big ole boys and the very best of pals themselves, and this year they requested that they have a joint birthday party. Who were we to say no? Twice the fun, twice the help, half the work - it was this momma's idea of party heaven (especially since his birthday was the same week we went back to school!!) 

Pirates of the Pool was the theme. They battled the Crackin and turned rafts into ships and floats into boats.

 For party favors everyone got an inflatable body-board (aka shield), a water shooter and a lei all from the Dollar Tree. We are so fancy around here.

Eventually we conquered the Crackin and the hungry pirate crew feasted on Hot Dogs and Capri-Suns in an orderly fashion thanks to a well organized fleet of adults who delivered ketchup and mustard assembly-line style. 

And then it was time for cake.

The boys each wanted their own cake which was fine by us. More cake is NEVER a bad thing!

Also separate cakes made picture taking that much easier. And there was no fighting over who blew out which candles- wishes for everyone all around.

Miles designed his own cake. I just followed directions, making the cake four layers tall (all different sizes) in strawberry flavor with blue tinted cream cheese icing.

Miles did the rest. He picked out the candy and added it all just how he wanted it. Then I gave him some gel icing tubes I had leftover from another project and he went to town with those.

This kid is crazy creative and I feel bad because I have to say "no" to so many of his ideas and request. "No, you can't paint on your walls with watercolors (not while we are trying to sell the house at least.)"  "No, we can't build you a store in the front yard tomorrow." "No, you can't use the miter saw by yourself to build your robot."

It felt so good to say "Yes! Do whatever you want to your cake. Design and decorate your little heart out. Use up ALL the gel icing! No rules!"
And isn't it the best cake ever? I could not have made a more fun cake if I had used all the Pinterest inspiration I could find. No amount of party-theme-perfection could ever have topped the fun that he and I both had creating this crazy cake together. 

Now that I have almost recovered from Miles birthdaypooloza it is time to start planning Wylie's party. What was I thinking having kids with birthdays two weeks apart? In 100 degree weather? Oy.


  1. happy Birthday to your cutie boy and your friends boy too. How sweet. My daughter will be turning 12 in a couple weeks, her friends birthday was born exactly one year and 3 days later, and they are hoping to celebrate together. I think that is just awesome. Looks klike even though it was a hot day, it was a great day spent in the pool with all those pirates. Happy day to you!! Mica @ The Child's Paper

  2. Happy Birthday Miles! Thanks so much for sharing your REAL and ENDEARING family here Jerusalem. I love your style! Today is my Bday and I just sat to catch my breath and surf... My stop in here made me so happy! My (almost 6 yo) son saw Mile's cake and asked if he could have that on his Bday... I said heck ya! I often am overwhelmed w/Pinterest staged parties. Your party rocked! (BTW your 1st day school pics are freakin' adorable too!)

  3. So adorable. I love his cake. What is better than things made by kids. Love your attitude!


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