Thursday, July 05, 2012


Hello friends. How was your 4th? Did you burn up in the heat? Did you get to have fireworks? Did you sing Grand Ole Flag? Mine was good. We almost did. Nope. Yep.

This is my Maw. We went to her house for the fourth. We go every year and every year some things are the same and  some things are different.  Don't you love her hair and her shirt and her smile? She has such great style. I just adore my Maw.

 Here are some of my most favorite fellas in the world. That is my brother in the background. He was our short order chef for lunch for which I was very grateful. We were all boardering on grungry (ya know, grouchy and hungry together? Tell me you know this feeling.)

I took the boys to the pool and we had a blast. There is something about swimming that is trans-formative for me. No matter how tired, how stressed, how grumpy, or how moody I am, one dip, one good float and I am a different person. Healing waters.
Miles is not much different and gravitates towards water just like me. After several practice jumps into the deeper end he finally braved the diving board. I didn't get a pictures because I was too busy cheering him on. So proud of my baby.

Maw made her famous potato salad and we set it on the gingham chicken tablecloth. This is one of the most nostalgic foods for me, mostly because I only have it at these family gatherings and so forever this particular mixture of ingredients will always bring me home.

I decided to make some pies. Crust from scratch, fillings a mixtures of puddings and other treats I managed to rummage up. They were pretty decent for being unplanned.

After dinner my mom read the Declaration of Independence with Wylie looking on. Because we now watch John Adams each year (or at least parts of it) on the 4th, I understand so much more about this document. I have pictures and places, ideas and images to go along with it. They are not just old abstract words and letters, instead they are the passionate, resolute and determined words of flesh and blood people with everything- and nothing - to loose. Suddenly you realize just how amazing it is that a country like America came to be. Warts and all.

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  1. It sounds like a lovely 4th! We had a quiet day here. Our fireworks were cancelled and it was miserably hot.

    We call it hangry, hungry plus angry. Our entire vacation revolved around avoiding it. Our Maddie is particularly susceptible and the minute she says she's hungry you better start making a plan to find food. I don't know it it's a physical or a MENTAL condition with her! I know it was making ME mental.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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