Friday, July 20, 2012

all four seasons

That's my baby.
He can be all four seasons in one day.
Today Miles Simon Cash Greer  is 8.
Tomorrow we celebrate, but today I remember.  Birth, tears, laughter, first words, first steps, first time he colored on the walls, him sleeping in his swing, months of upside down schedules, the sound of a pacifier being worked over, the way he curled up on my shoulder. Just the tip of the iceberg of  a mothers memories.

Lucky for me life with this boy is never, ever boring.
Wonderful, challenging, thought provoking, maddening, delightful, snuggly, creative, joyful, frustrating, magical, funny, yes. But never, ever boring.
Thank goodness.
Who needs boring, when you can have Miles instead?
So grateful today for this wonderful surprise child. He is the best thing I never planned.

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  1. Love it. Love your blog, in fact. You are so creative.

    If you like poetry, feel free to check out my blog (or not, I don't mean to spam you). If you feel so inclined, here's the link:


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